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Cancellara's Speed Concept is impressive to...

Quick Look: Fabian Cancellara’s Trek Speed Concept TT bike

Fabian Cancellara will be ready to take on the Tour's time trials with a new Trek Speed Concept TT bike.
Cancellara's Speed Concept
Cancellara's Speed Concept: Spartan warrior
A stylized Spartan helmet makes several appearances on Cancellara’s bike. As of July 1st, consumers can order this paint job through Trek’s Project One program.
Cancellara's Speed Concept: The sword of Spartacus
When Cancellara does battle against the clock, he’s hard to beat. For this year’s Tour, Trek worked with graphic artist Hydro 74 to develop a custom aesthetic for Fabian.
Cancellara's Speed Concept: Straight shooter
Cancellara prefers a straight extension and these are fairly rough looking raw aluminum, but they certainly get the job done.
Cancellara's Speed Concept: Lightweight disk
Even Cancellara’s Lightweight disk gets the Hydro 74 treatment. The front wheel will receive special stickers as well, but they weren’t installed yet.
Cancellara's Speed Concept: Cancellara's weapon of choice
Cancellara’s Speed Concept is impressive to behold. His seat height is 79.2 cm. From the nose of his saddle to the tip of his Di2 shifter is a super long 88 cm. He pushes 177.5mm crank arms and his bike had a 54-tooth chainring, though that many change on the day of the team time trial.
Cancellara's Speed Concept: World and Swiss champion
Few riders have dominated like Fabian Cancellara. With world, Olympic and Swiss national titles in the bag, he’s earned those flags on his top tube.
Cancellara's Speed Concept: Never gets old
The uber-clean front end of Trek’s Speed Concept is both beautiful and effective.
Cancellara's Speed Concept: Road and tt alike
Cancellara’s Madone gets the same treatment as his Speed Concept. The detail very intricate and best viewed up close.
Cancellara's Madone: Who else?
Cancellara's Madone: The warrior theme continues