Find your next bike online with the VeloNews Bike Buyer’s Guide

VeloNews just put nearly 1,000 bikes at your fingertips.

VeloNews just put nearly 1,000 bikes at your fingertips.

OK, so we’re not giving you access to the bikes themselves, but we have constructed a huge database with images, geometry, specs, descriptions, prices and more of all the bikes from dozens of the top companies.

The Bike Buyer’s Guide is an easily searchable resource that allows you to compare and contrast 2011 bikes. You can search by price, category or brand, or some combination thereof.

Want to see which bikes are available for $2,500 to $3,000? With a single click, you’ll have 209 bikes queued up in an easily digestible format. You can dig into each bike more, reading the manufacturer’s description, components, frame dimensions and pricing, or you can just quickly peruse by images and titles.

Please note: The product descriptions are provided by the bike manufacturers and do not necessarily represent the opinions of VeloNews editors.

With this online Buyer’s Guide, we are not testing the bikes or telling you which we prefer. We are simply presenting a complete catalog of detailed information in one handy place.

As cyclists ourselves, we have spent hours jumping from one site to the next trying to find comparative information on bikes from different companies. With the Buyer’s Guide, we can easily look at multiple bikes side by side without ever leaving our virtual home. It’s been a helpful tool for us, and we hope you find it useful as well.