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Must Reads: Johan Bruyneel on the UCI

By VeloNews.com • Published

Het Laastse Nieuws: ‘We zijn geen kleine kinderen

RadioShack boss Johan Bruyneel gives an interesting interview with the Belgian daily Het Laastse Nieuws that’s been translated into English on his personal site. Bruyneel adds his perspective on the growing feud with the UCI over the radio bans and the increasing tension between teams and the cycling governing body. Bruyneel has some pointed criticism at how the UCI is directing the top level of the sport, saying that the UCI treats the teams like “little school boys.” “The UCI does nothing for the evolution of cycling. They always take a step back in time instead of evolving our sport. They take a stand against technology and forbid new things. You can not get around that professional cycling is a business where huge commercial interests are at stake. I have said to Pat McQuaid many times that I don’t know any relation between a boss and an employee where the boss cannot give orders. If you pay someone, then you must be able to give them direction.”

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