Pegasus Sports CEO Chris White says one missing document temporarily kept the team off the list of 2011 ProTour applicants the UCI announced this week.

Team Astana, another surprise absence from the list, said in a press release that it too, is hustling to submit missing paperwork regarding a bank guarantee.

As for Pegasus — the Australian-based squad that has yet to announce its 2011 title sponsor — White said his colleague Matt Bolster hand-delivered the team’s application to the UCI in Switzerland Friday and received no indication that the document was incomplete.

The team, building off the current Fly V Australia operation, has signed current ProTour riders Robbie McEwen, Svein Tuft, Christian Knees, Luke Roberts, Thomas Rohregger, Sergey Klimov, Trent Lowe and Bobby Traksel for 2011. “We’ve got a tremendous team, we have a great history in the sport, and we’ve committed to nigh-on 40 people for our administrative side.” The team also announced this week that it has signed a two-year agreement to use Scott bicycles and helmets.

White awoke to a text message Tuesday night and learned of his team’s absence from the list at 3:00 a.m. White said the team received no indication of the issues with their application before the UCI published the list. “It was disbelief, so to speak. Without being given any warning, it sort of fell from the blue,” he said. “It seemed a very heavy-handed way of dealing with someone.”

The incomplete items included an incorporation document for Pegasus Racing. “It’s part of determining what country you represent,” said White. “We lodged all 22 of our rider contracts, we lodged out bank guarantee, we lodged our financial statements, we lodged three of our seven sponsorship contracts — we have more of those to add — so it was a measure of how complete we are.”

White said that the team would as quickly as possible to resolve the issues ahead of the final October 20 deadline for ProTour applicants. “We’re going to do whatever it takes to close those gaps and we’re going to work with the UCI to be licensed in 2011,” he said. “We’re still in the hunt and we believe we’ve got a strong claim for a license for 2011.

“The reality is, I suppose you could call it a hiccup.”