Slipstream Sports, the owner and manager of the Garmin-Transitions team, says its riders are obligated to cooperate with an investigation into Floyd Landis’ doping allegations.

“We cannot change what happened in the past. But we believe it is time for transparency,” a team statement sent to VeloNews read, in part.

In an interview last week, Landis accused Garmin rider Dave Zabriskie of being among his former teammates who doped.

The team sent the statement when VeloNews tried to reach manager Jonathan Vaughters on Thursday with further questions about the Landis charges and the reported federal investigation into them.

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The statement:

We created Slipstream Sports because we wanted to create a team where cyclists could compete 100% clean.

It is an organization built on the core values of honesty, fairness and optimism. It is built on the belief in our ability to contribute to changing the sport’s future through a persistent commitment to the present.

Today, we continue to follow these core principles. We are very encouraged to see the incredible strides cycling has taken to clean itself up. Though it is important to acknowledge pride in the fact that cycling has never been cleaner, we find ourselves at a critical moment in cycling’s evolution: confronting its past.

The founding concepts of Slipstream Sports were put in place for riders committed to competing clean during their time at Slipstream Sports. We have total confidence not only in our anti-doping culture but also in our riders and staff. Everyone who works for us came here knowing in advance what we stand for as well as the standards to which they will be held.

We cannot change what happened in the past. But we believe it is time for transparency.

We expect anyone in our organization who is contacted by any cycling, anti-doping, or government authority will be open and honest with that authority. In that context, we expect nothing short of 100% truthfulness – whatever that truth is – to the questions they are asked. As long as they express the truth about the past to the appropriate parties, they will continue to have a place in our organization and we will support them for living up to the promise we gave the world when we founded Slipstream Sports.