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Head Shot: Epic Wide

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Epic Wide
High points:
Easy use
Waterproof case
Simple mount
Low Points:
Not high def
High profile when on helmet

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For the least expensive option in the Singletrack.com helmet cam test, the Epic Wide works pretty damn good.

Everything about it is designed to be simple. Placing the camera body into the high-impact, waterproof casing, which is rated down to 20 feet, is a breeze. The camera’s two buttons are easy to work once you figure out what they do. To boil it down, the Epic Wide can best be compared to a simple point-and-shoot camera: All you do is push the button and it will capture the moment. Another plus for the Epic is its lightweight, which comes in at a minimal 2.5 ounces (claimed).

The Epic’s resolution is respectable given the fact that it is the least expensive of our test cams. It falls just short of true high def; its resolution is 640×480 while true high def is 720×480.

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