By Sarah Lukas

Sinead Miller of Marian University swept the women’s A field races in the Midwest Conference race at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky, over the weekend. Will Nowak of Northwestern, Kip Spaude of Lindsey Wilson College, and Rob Bush of Marian University split the wins in the men’s A races throughout the weekend.

Individual Time Trial

The individual time trial was held Saturday morning, with a rolling 11-kilometer out-and-back course with little wind.

Nowak took the A men’s race with a victory, followed by Kip Spaude and Ben Damhoff of UW-Plattville.

In the women’s A race, Miller won the ITT, with Kelsey Markham taking second for Lindsey Wilson, and Rita Klofta of Depauw in third.

The men’s B race had Matt Dooley and Scott Hoffner of Lindsey Wilson taking first and second, followed by Paul Mooney of DePauw for third.

The sole rider and winner in the men’s C category was Adam Kaye from the University of Chicago.

The men’s D race had Ryan Shean of Butler outriding James Smith of Lindsey Wilson for the win. Andrew Wright of Lindsey Wilson took third.

Meghan Lapeta of University of Illinois-Chicago took the Women’s B/C win, followed by Summer Ohlendorf and Holly Matthew of University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Road Race

Lindsey Wilson’s Saturday road race course was quite possibly the most challenging course these Midwest racers will face up until nationals. The 25-mile loop contained five significant climbs. The finish line sat 1 km from the top of a lung-bursting climb.

In the three-lap race of the men’s A category, three racers attacked immediately. This move ultimately wrote the script for the rest of the race.

Spaude, the time trial runner-up, bridged to the three, with three others: Owen Belton of Lindenwood, Clayton Omer from Lindsey Wilson, and Joey Iuliano of Purdue. The seven rode off to a four-minute gap.

During the second lap, Spaude and Owen rode away from the break. Meanwhile, Rob Bush and four others bridged up to the remnants of the breakaway. On the final lap, Spaude got away from Owen, who was caught just before the line by a surging Bush.  Spaude scored his first collegiate road victory 45 seconds ahead of Bush. Belton took third.

Some say the Women’s A race results were fairly predictable. The women stayed as a group for most of lap one. Towards the end of the lap on a long climb, three Marian riders — Miller, Anna Young, and Becca Finley — along with Ashley James of Lindsey Wilson, rode away from the group, splitting up the peloton.

A chase group of about 10 followed until the second and final lap. The chase group then split apart on the climbs. Miller rode off the front of the breakaway group creating a solid lead over James and Young who were unable to maintain her pace and rode the second lap working together. Finley dropped back behind Young and James.

Miller soloed to her second and very secure road race victory this season, after sweeping the Murray State race last week.  James pulled away from Young for second place.

The men’s B race started off with a one-man attack from Christopher West of Indiana University. West was reeled in on the second and final lap. A Lindsey Wilson rider attacked alongside a University of Wisconsin-Madison rider on the final lap. The Indiana team moved up to the front and began to accelerate to chase the small break. The break was caught on the final climb.

Two Indiana riders, David Richardson-Rossbach and Brian Holtouse, found themselves with Lindsey Wilson rider Bryan Underwood as they shot up the climb. Richardson-Rossbach pulled away and rode in solo for the victory with Underwood following seconds behind for second place. Drew Lavey of University of Kentucky took third.

In the Women’s B Race, Summer Ohlendorf of University of Wisconsin-Madison won, after taking second place in the Murray State road race. Teammate Holly Matthews took second, and Erin Greene of Ashbury finishing third.

In the men’s C road race, Matthew Hackett of Saint Louis University won. Greg Lohr and Joshua Kennedy of Mizzou followed up in second and third place.

Rodeny Richardson of Indiana University outrode the 38 finishers of the men’s D race for the win, while Daniel Twaddell of Ohio State took second, and Matthew Hohn of Purdue took third.


The criterium on Sunday saw picture-perfect weather with clear skies, 60-degree temperatures, and a fast four-corner course with a slight hill on the backside.

The men’s A race saw Damhoff solo away to lap the field and then settle in with the lapped riders. Behind him, a chase group of five racers followed suit and also fell in with him. Now as a full group, attacks were made but nothing stuck. The finishing stretch saw a field sprint with lapped rider Danny Estevez of Lindsey Wilson crossing the line first, but Rob Bush, who was included in the lapping chase group, won the race inches away from Estevez.

Sinead Miller reminded everyone why she is the 2009 National Collegiate Criterium Champion as she soloed away to lap the women’s A field twice for her third victory of the weekend. The fast paced race had Rita Klofta in second, and Ashley James finishing third. Klofta and James also lapped the field once with Miller.

The men’s B criterium set a blistering pace consisting of attack after attack, but with none of them succeeding. The race ended in a field sprint with Matt Green and Matt Kain of Indiana University placing first and second, and Michael Palevo of Lindsey Wilson placing third.

The women’s B/C race had Matthews getting her victory, with Lapeta in second, and Ohlendorf in third.

Ball State rider Garrett Weiler won the men’s D criterium followed by Ryan Shean of Butler, and James Smith of Lindsey Wilson College.

Sarah Lukas is a student at Lindsey Wilson College