Wiggins and the darkest days

Readers offer opinions on Bradley Wiggins' move and wonder about these cold and dark days.
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Loyalty don’t pay the bills
Dear Velo,
Regarding the letters questioning Bradley Wiggins’ loyalty, people need to get a grip.

I am a Senior Project Manager in custom home building. Construction is very cut-throat, probably like most other industries (including cycling). Nobody owes me anything, I don’t care how much the owner of the company likes me, if there is no work or I am not performing then, I am asked to leave. So, I operate by the same philosophy: if I receive a better offer from somewhere or I have other goals I want to fulfill elsewhere, I am gone. Why? Because I am responsible to my family and to no one else.

Bradley Wiggins has other goals in mind and he has a right to fulfill them. Last time I checked, this is not the Soviet Union. If Wiggins was not performing well or was injured, do you actually believe Garmin would not want to re-negotiate the next contract? A rider only has so many years to make the most money that he can. The next time you feel that “people are greedy” and “it shouldn’t be all about money,” try telling that to the cashier at your local bike shop: see if he wants to “give” you that new set of rims, because he is “not all about the money,” I wonder how long he would stay in business?

I wish Bradley Wiggins all the success. Merry Christmas everyone!

Fernando A. Chacon
West Covina, California

Check the bottom line
Faulting Wiggo’ for going to Sky is like faulting Garmin for hunting down Hincapie in a stage of the Tour and saying that Hincapie “deserved” to win it.

Wake up folks. It’s a business.
Michael Levine
New York, New York

It’s a two-way street
I liked Jon Porters email. I will admit that VeloNews seemed to be very “pro Garmin” when it came to covering this story. David Millar should learn to just keep his mouth shut.

I do not agree with Mr. Porters’ comparison between RadioShack and Astana. A majority of Astana staff (riders, directors, wrenches, etc.) had been brought in by Johan Bruyneel. They remained loyal to Johan. All Astana delivered was some bum paychecks. Mr. Porter, If your employer stopped paying you, how loyal would you be?

John McLeod
Willoughby, Ohio

‘tis the season?
Dear VeloNews,
I thought suffering was on the bike. But now the pain comes when I can’t ride. After years and years of riding everyday I’m now in Northwest Ohio, grounded by cold and darkness. The future for the bike’s looking black. About as black as the inside of your eyelid.
All the best,
Steve Ulin
Maumee, Ohio