Pursuit, shame and equal treatment

Readers chime in on Olympic plans, tarnished silver and apologies.

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JW is spot-on
Dear VeloNews,
Thank you John Wilcockson for so eloquently stating what is right with the Individual Pursuit and what is wrong with the current UCI plan to have it removed from the 2012 Games in London.

Connie Carpenter
Boulder, Colorado

Sending that medal back?
So Davide Rebellin is going to be stripped of his silver medal. Does he have to physically return the medal? How does that work? Does he mail it or does someone come by his house and pick it up? Quite the embarrassment if they come to his house.

Scott Y. Allen
Santa Barbara, California

While we might prefer a very public ceremony, odds are good that the medal can be returned quietly, perhaps with a lawyer, manager or other representative of the shamed rider making the delivery. – Editor

The last word on road rage?
How about if we all just try to follow these very simple Rules of the Road?

• Drive like the person ahead on the bike is your son/daughter.
• Ride like the cars are ambulances carrying your loved ones to the
emergency room.

This should cover everything, unless you are complete sociopath.

David Desautels
Fort Bragg, California

Apology not accepted
Dear VeloNews,
So, Kenny Williams tested positive for testosterone, gets caught, and then issues an apology stating that he’s ashamed that he’s done something that hurts the sport of cycling.

Does he think we’re stupid?!? He’s not sorry for the sport. He’s sorry that he got caught. With all the negative publicity cycling is getting for all the doping cases these past few years, how can you say you’re sorry? Kenny, I do not accept your apology and I hope you get banned for life. Selfish bastard!

Jens Powers,
Newport Beach, California

Of pots and kettles
I have recently been intrigued by the return of Alexander Vinokourov, another once-great cyclist to have fallen prey to doping. I can understand many people being down with the dope but please. At least hold them all to the same standards.

I have heard the argument that goes something like this: “Well but he confessed to using based on pressure to be at the top of the sport,” or “well he admitted having contact with the Dr. at least on a consultation basis,” or the category that Vino seems to have fallen into, “hold underwater and if he survives he is a witch and if he dies well then….”

I find it ironic that it is OK for Contador to put stipulations that Vinokourov can’t ride in the Tour if he agrees to ride for Astana, yet doesn’t seem to place the same stipulations on Caisse regarding Valverde, or Slipstream with Millar? Saxo w/Riis as manager?

Rasmussen, Rico, Vino, Ulrich, Landis, they all got the Salem Witch Hunt treatment. Basso, Millar, Virenque, Bjarne Riis? Well, these guys are “OK.”

I am not an advocate of doping. What I am advocating, though, is at least making a “Universal Kettle Color.”

Brian Peters
McPherson, Kansas