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Kohl says doctor involved in doping

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Now working for Milram, Doctor denies allegations

Kohl now says his doctor took an active role in doping him in 2008.

Kohl now says his doctor took an active role in doping him in 2008.

Photo: Agence France Presse – file photo

Suspended Austrian racer Bernhard Kohl has accused the doctor of his former Gerolsteiner team of overseeing an organized doping program at the 2008 Tour de France.

In an interview published in the Austrian newspaper Kurier, Kohl charged said that physician Mark Schmidt was closely involved in doping riders. The 27-year-old former chimney sweep has admitted doping during the race, in which he had apparently won the king of the mountains jersey and finished third in the overall standings. Kohl’s results have since been negated.

“The team doctor, Marc Schmidt, gave a helping hand,” Kohl said. “It was he who oversaw the doping practices.”

Kohl said that Schmidt carefully monitored his hematocrit levels, measuring them every two or three days and administering a transfusion at a hotel in Aurillac on July 11 of that year.

Since his public admission of doping, Kohl has cooperated with Austrian anti-doping authorities. In May of this year, Kohl had simply said that Schmidt had only ignored doping practices on the team, but refrained from suggesting that the doctor had taken an active role.

Schmidt, who is now employed by the German Milram team, denied the allegations.

“Mark Schmidt has never provided or administered a doping product,” Schmidt’s attorney told the Kurier in the same article.

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