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Garmin’s new cycling GPS adds features to a slimmer package

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The Garmin Edge 500

The Garmin Edge 500

Photo: Courtesy Garmin

Garmin is introducing a new GPS-enabled cycling computer that the company says is smaller and lighter than its predecessors, has longer battery life and a more secure mounting system.

The Edge 500 model — which retails for $250, or $350 with heart rate strap and cadence meter — does not have mapping capability, but it does add features not seen before on Garmin bike computers. They include a thermometer and automatic time-zone adjustment. A new feature alerts cyclists when they are moving but the timer is not running and a more sophisticated algorithm calculates calories burned based on heart rate data.

Like its predecessors, the Edge 500 has most standard bike computer functions, including time, speed, distance and heart rate. It tracks climbing and descending and can receive data from ANt+-enabled wattage meters. It uploads to computers using a USB cable.

The new computer weighs a claimed 2 ounces, compared to an advertised weight of 3.7 ounces for the top of the line Edge 705 unit, which sells for $500. The company says the new unit has a slimmer, more secure mount that allows it to sit close to the stem or handlebar. The unit can be installed or removed with quarter-turn twist.

The company claims an 18-hour battery life, compared to a claimed 15 hours for the 705.

The Edge 500 will be available for sale in December.

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