Athens, Georgia & Fort Wayne, Indiana – March 8, 2009 – A strategic partnership between the Men of Steel Racing and the USA CRITS Championship Series aims to create big time racing for steel frame bikes.

For the first time since carbon built bikes became the frame of choice in America, an organized criterium racing series for quality steel frame bicycles has been created by Jim Kruse, the founder of Men of Steel Racing. 

“The Men of Steel Racing Series was born out of the idea that cyclists are a unique and nostalgic group.  While they appreciate the new technology, the history of our sport is equally as important, says Kruse. 

Steel frame bicycles have been making a resurgence in recent years with the increase of the “fixies” around the country.  Many of these were once proud racing machines.  Most are used for basic transportation in college campuses and in cities by bike delivery riders.  There could not be a better testament to the durability of steel.

“The Men of Steel Racing Series aims to revive the market for steel frame racing bicycles, both old and new,” says Kruse.  “Our partnership with USA CRITS will let cyclists see steel in a new light and blow away the stereotypes.”

“We’re excited to add Jim and his team from Men of Steel Racing to our series”, says Gene Dixon, a 30-year industry veteran and founder of the Twilight Criterium in Athens, Georgia.  “When Jim presented this idea to me I thought it would be a great fit for our 30th anniversary of the Athens Twilight Criterium. We certainly believe it will add an exciting new element to our already successful events.”

Men of Steel Racing will promote several races as part of the USA Criterium Series, starting with the Twilight, April 25th, 2009 and culminating in the Men of Steel Championships during Interbike in Las Vegas.  MOS Racing also plans for additional races that are not associated with USA CRITS throughout the Midwest.

Along with the racing action, the steel frame bikes will also be on display.  Spectators will get a chance to vote for their favorite bike for the “Men of Steel Most Real Award.”

Riders and exhibitors taking part in the MOS Racing Series will also get treated to an exclusive hospitality area, not to mention a chance to compete at some of the biggest races of the year. “There is limited space at these races and the fields will fill up fast,” says Dixon.  “So dust off your steel bikes and get ready for an exciting year in cycling.”