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CSC Amateur Hill Climb adds folder bike class.

By VeloNews.com • Published

Trophy Bikes in Philadelphia has long been a proponent of folder bikes–but they also like high performance bicycles. So when the chance came to show that folding bikes can deliver high performance, they took it.

For the first time, the CSC Amateur Hill Climb in Philadelphia, on June 6th, 2008 will feature a folder bike class, sponsored by Trophy Bikes. “It may actually be the first USAC event ever to have a folder class,” says Trophy owner Michael McGettigan. “We have to thank Tri-State-Velo, the event organizers, for being cool enough to dig folders as a distinct typeof bike.” The folder bike crowd has been visiting the Philadelphia hill climb for several years now, and last year, 8 of the 80 competitors were of folding bikes–and some posted impressive times against the big wheel bikes.

This year, the first men and women to power their folder bikes up Manayunk’s famous “Wall” will win prizes. The folder bikes will add some diversity–and get a few funny looks at the event–McGettigan predicts. “But they may also change a few minds about little wheels,” he adds. “The secret of small wheel folder bikes is that they’re great climbers–the little wheels and light weight make for quick acceleration.” says McGettigan.

The event is making some waves in the US folder community. “Bike Friday is very jazzed about this–they’re looking for really strong hill climbers with light Fridays to take on the Wall,” says McGettigan.

For folder bike fans, the hill climb is just the beginning of three days of folder fun–it’s part of the ROUND UP USA, a folding bike festival organized by Trophy Bikes each June.

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