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JJ Haedo makes it look easy

By Steve Frothingham • Published

Slipstream-Chipotle splits the pack and the GC

By Ben Delaney

Haedo wins Stage 1 — Cancellara celebrates

Photo: Casey B. Gibson

Yellow jersey Fabian Cancellara had both hands up in the air well before any of the sprinters crossed the stage 1 Tour of California finish line — his CSC teammate JJ Haedo had the clear win.

After three laps of a crowd-packed Santa Rosa circuit, Haedo hit from his CSC leadout coming up from an underpass.

“When you see that last 200 meters you just go as hard as you can, and you don’t look back, otherwise you can lose,” Haedo said.

High Road’s Gerald Ciolek finished second on the stage up from Sausalito, with Gerolsteiner’s Heinrich Haussler in third.

Haedo podiums.

Haedo podiums.

Photo: Casey B. Gibson

With the win, Haedo took a record fifth California stage win after scoring two a piece in 2006 and 2007.

Cancellara not only finished in the front group to retain the jersey, but took some hard pulls on the front in the final laps to set up Haedo.

“Fabian is a little impatient,” Haedo said. “He’s got so much power in the legs you’ve got to tell that guy to hold on. I try to keep him patient.”

Coleman Valley Blues

After the flat, 2.1-mile prologue, stage 1 began with a handful of riders within seconds of the lead. With time bonuses available at three intermediate sprints and then the final, Slipstream’s Tyler Farrar and High Road’s Mark Cavendish were ready and able to take advantage of their sprints to snag some valuable seconds.

After the third intermediate sprint, Farrar was second on the road, just two seconds behind Cancellara, and Cavendish was third, four seconds back.

Then came the big climb of the day, as the peloton made a hard right off the coastal Highway 1 onto Coleman Valley Road. Slipstream took the front and set a mean tempo up and over the climb, spitting riders out the back the whole way.

In years past riders came off at this point, but then formed into cohesive chase groups on the descent with most able to rejoin the front group by Santa Rosa. Slipstream team boss Jonathan Vaughters had other plans. He had his guys keep the pressure on all the way into town.

Quick Step and Slipstream control the front with one to go, to no avail.

Quick Step and Slipstream control the front with one to go, to no avail.

Photo: Casey B. Gibson

The main casualties included Cavendish, who was caught out in a small group that included fellow sprinters Stuart O’Grady (CSC), Ivan Dominguez (Toyota-United) and Mario Cipollini (Rock Racing). Cavendish’s teammate Adam Hansen dropped back for Cavendish, and then rode himself nearly cross-eyed in pursuit. Although the group worked fairly well together with even Cipollini pulling through, they were ultimately outgunned by the Slipstream-driven peloton ahead.

“The boys were amazing today; they totally killed it,” Farrar said.

In Santa Rosa, CSC, Quick Step and Slipstream riders all jockeyed to get their trains into position. Quick Step was riding for Tom Boonen, CSC for Haedo, Slipstream for Farrar and High Road — with Cavendish caught out — for Gerald Ciolek. Coming into the final corner, Hincapie bumped Boonen and went down, reportedly sustaining road rash from head to toe. Hincapie was given the same time as the front group, where Boonen finished at the very back.

Solo Mission

Stewart finished alone

Stewart finished alone

Photo: Casey B. Gibson

Long before the action in Santa Rosa, BMC’s Jackson Stewart set out on what would prove to be a very long solo break. At mile 17, Stewart went clear, initially hoping for someone to join him. When no one came — and no one chased — Stewart put his head down and went for it.

“Our plan was definitely to be in a move, to be in the race. I don’t think we planned on me going alone. It just worked out that way,” said Stewart. “So, we just set our sights on the KOM jersey.”

His lead hit a maximum of 13 minutes. Finally, CSC started riding tempo. Health Net-Maxxis, Toyota-United and Slipstream all lent a few riders to the effort.

Hailing from Los Gatos, Stewart said the team was riding on home turf. BMC is a Swiss bicycle company, but team manager Gavin Chilcott lives in Santa Rosa.

“I’d say [Santa Rosa] is our home in the U.S.,” Stewart said.

In addition to rolling through all three intermediate sprints, Stewart easily took the KOM. So, despite being caught at the bottom of the descent around mile 78, Stewart had both the KOM and most aggressive jerseys at the end of the day for his efforts.

Hincapie found the ground in the Santa Rosa finale.

Hincapie found the ground in the Santa Rosa finale.

Photo: Casey B. Gibson

For Ciolek’s part, the young German sprinter now has the best young rider’s jersey. He sits in ninth place overall, nine seconds behind Cancellara.

Behind CSC, Slipstream had the best day GC-wise, with Farrar moving up to second overall, just two seconds out of the yellow. As to whether he would go for the two bonus intermediate sprints on stage 2, Farrar said the team would need to discuss it.

“We’re going to try to get the jersey,” Farrar said. “We’ll have to study the course tonight and make some decisions, but the way the team is riding right now I think these boys are capable of just about anything.”

Farrar’s PowerTap showed an average of 272 watts for the day, with a peak of 1406.

Cavendish flatted in the closing circuits, but was given a final time of 4:08:46, the same as the group he was with when he flatted, 5:17 behind the front group.

Following Cancellara and Farrar in the general classification are High Road’s Bradley Wiggins (4 seconds down) and Astana’s Levi Leipheimer (6 seconds back).

Tune in Tuesday morning for a stage preview and live coverage, beginning at 9:45 a.m. PST, and then full reports, photography and videos later in the day.

Race note

Brooke Miller (Team Tibco) edged Cheerwine’s Laura Van Gilder and Team High Road’s Emila Fahlin in an hourlong women’s criterium that preceded the arrival of the men’s race and used portions of the finishing circuit in Santa Rosa.

“This was a really huge win for me because it was a really great field,” said Miller. “It was really a thrill to be able to show how exciting women’s racing is; we hope the crowds saw that. The racing was aggressive, fast and exciting.”

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Results Stage 1

1. Juan Jose Haedo (ARG), CSC, 4:03:29

2. Gerald Ciolek* (G), Team High Road, 4:03:29

3. Heinrich Haussler (G), Gerolsteiner, 4:03:29

4. Dominique Rollin (CAN), Toyota-United, 4:03:29

5. Matteo Tosatto (I), Quickstep, 4:03:29

6. Tyler Farrar (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 4:03:29

7. Peter Wrolich (A), Gerolsteiner, 4:03:29

8. Alexandre Pichot (F), Bouygues Telecom, 4:03:29

9. Freddie Rodriguez (USA), Rock Racing, 4:03:29

10. Mathew Hayman (Aus), Rabobank, 4:03:29

11. Rory Sutherland (Aus), Health Net Maxxis, 4:03:29

12. Paolo Bettini (I), Quickstep, 4:03:29

13. Christopher Horner (USA), Astana, 4:03:29

14. Thomas LÖvkvist (Swe), Team High Road, 4:03:29

15. Fabian Cancellara (Swi), CSC, 4:03:29

16. Julich Robert W (USA), CSC, 4:03:29

17. Alexandre Moos (Swi), BMC, 4:03:29

18. Darren Lill (RSA), BMC, 4:03:29

19. Kim Kirchen (Lux), Team High Road, 4:03:29

20. Levi Leipheimer (USA), Astana, 4:03:29

21. Doug Ollerenshaw (USA), Rock Racing, 4:03:29

22. Aaron Kemps (Aus), Astana, 4:03:29

23. Gustav Larsson (Swe), CSC, 4:03:29

24. Jurgen Vandewalle (B), Quickstep, 4:03:29

25. Benjamin Day (Aus), Toyota-United, 4:03:29

26. Fabian Wegmann (G), Gerolsteiner, 4:03:29

27. David Millar (GB), Slipstream-Chipotle, 4:03:29

28. Benjamin (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 4:03:29

29. Janez Brajkovic (SLO), Astana, 4:03:29

30. Jason Mccartney (USA), CSC, 4:03:29

31. Yannick Talabardon (F), Credit Agricole, 4:03:29

32. Bauke Mollema* (Nl), Rabobank, 4:03:29

33. Oliver Zaugg (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 4:03:29

34. Angel Gomez Gomez (Sp), Saunier Duval, 4:03:29

35. Vincent Jerome (F), Bouygues Telecom, 4:03:29

36. Christian Vandevelde (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 4:03:29

37. Victor Hugo Pena Grisales (Col), Rock Racing, 4:03:29

38. Christophe Le Mevel (F), Credit Agricole, 4:03:29

39. Johannes FrÖhlinger* (G), Gerolsteiner, 4:03:29

40. Danny Pate (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 4:03:29

41. Dmytro Grabovskyy* (Ukr), Quickstep, 4:03:29

42. Iker Camano Ortuzar (Sp), Saunier Duval, 4:03:29

43. David Zabriskie (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 4:03:29

44. Perrig Quemeneur (F), Bouygues Telecom, 4:03:29

45. Jens Voigt (G), CSC, 4:03:29

46. Seeldraeyers Kevin* (B), Quickstep, 4:03:29

47. Julien Belgy (F), Bouygues Telecom, 4:03:29

48. Thomas Danielson (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 4:03:29

49. Robert Gesink* (Nl), Rabobank, 4:03:29

50. Michael Lange (USA), Jelly Belly, 4:03:29

51. Pedro Horrillo Munoz (Sp), Rabobank, 4:03:29

52. Heath Blackgrove (NZl), Toyota-United, 4:03:29

53. David Canada Gracia (Sp), Saunier Duval, 4:03:29

54. Karsten Kroon (Nl), CSC, 4:03:29

55. Patrice Halgand (F), Credit Agricole, 4:03:29

56. Rubens Bertogliati (Swi), Saunier Duval, 4:03:29

57. Ardila Cano Mauricio Alberto (Col), Rabobank, 4:03:29

58. Mark Cavendish* (GB), Team High Road, 4:08:46**

59. Jeff Louder (USA), BMC, 4:03:29

60. Eros Capecchi* (I), Saunier Duval, 4:03:29

61. Philip Zajicek (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 4:03:29

62. Aaron Olson (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 4:03:29

63. Bradley Wiggins (GB), Team High Road, 4:03:29

64. Oscar Freire Gomez (Sp), Rabobank, 4:03:29

65. Matthew Crane* (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 4:03:29

66. Dimitri Champion (F), Bouygues Telecom, 4:03:29

67. Thomas Peterson* (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 4:03:29

68. Edward King (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 4:03:29

69. Burke Swindlehurst (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 4:03:29

70. Tom Boonen (B), Quickstep, 4:03:29

71. Ignatas Konovalovas* (Lit), Credit Agricole, 4:03:29

72. Justin Spinelli (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 4:03:29

73. Markus Zberg (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 4:03:29

74. Kevin Hulsmans (B), Quickstep, 4:03:50

75. George Hincapie (USA), Team High Road, 4:03:29

76. Jonathan Mumford (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 4:07:43

77. Taylor Tolleson* (USA), BMC, 4:08:46

78. Bernard Van Ulden (USA), Jelly Belly, 4:08:46

79. Garrett Peltonen (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 4:08:46

80. Timothy Johnson (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 4:08:46

81. Jonathan Sundt (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 4:08:46

82. Danilo Wyss* (Swi), BMC, 4:08:46

83. Frank Pipp K (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 4:08:46

84. Raivis Belohvosciks (Lat), Saunier Duval, 4:08:46

85. Luciano André Pagliarini Mendonca (BRA), Saunier Duval, 4:08:46

86. Mario Cipollini (I), Rock Racing, 4:08:46

87. Andrea Tonti (I), Quickstep, 4:08:46

88. Scott Nydam (USA), BMC, 4:08:46

89. Alexander Candelario (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 4:08:46

90. Nicholas Sanderson (Aus), Jelly Belly, 4:08:46

91. Ermanno Capelli* (I), Saunier Duval, 4:08:46

92. Nicholas Reistad (USA), Jelly Belly, 4:08:46

93. Jackson Stewart (USA), BMC, 4:08:46

94. Tom Zirbel (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 4:08:46

95. Mathias Frank* (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 4:08:46

96. Scott Zwizanski (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 4:08:46

97. Edvald Boasson Hagen* (Nor), Team High Road, 4:08:46

98. Thomas Voeckler (F), Bouygues Telecom, 4:08:46

99. Barry Aaron Barry (NZl), Jelly Belly, 4:08:46

100. Steven Cozza* (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 4:08:46

101. Antonio Cruz (USA), BMC, 4:08:46

102. Turgot Sébastien (F), Bouygues Telecom, 4:08:46

103. Julien Simon* (F), Credit Agricole, 4:08:46

104. Paul Martens (G), Rabobank, 4:08:46

105. Bernhard Kohl (A), Gerolsteiner, 4:08:46

106. Dan Bowman (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 4:08:46

107. Laurent Lefevre (F), Bouygues Telecom, 4:08:46

108. Andrew Bajadali (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 4:08:46

109. Richard England (Aus), Bissell Pro Cycling, 4:08:46

110. Stuart O’Grady (Aus), CSC, 4:08:46

111. Hilton Clarke (Aus), Toyota-United, 4:08:46

112. Mark Renshaw (Aus), Credit Agricole, 4:08:46

113. Ivan Dominguez (CUB), Toyota-United, 4:08:46

114. Jonathan Clarke (Aus), Toyota-United, 4:08:46

115. Adam Hansen (Aus), Team High Road, 4:08:46

116. Nicholas Waite (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 4:12:16

117. José Luis Rubiera Vigil (Sp), Astana, 4:13:21

118. Sergey Ivanov (Rus), Astana, 4:13:21

119. Vladimir Gusev (Rus), Astana, 4:13:21

120. Andrey Mizurov (Kaz), Astana, 4:13:21

121. John Murphy (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 4:13:21

122. Bryce Mead (USA), Jelly Belly, 4:14:31

123. Hendricus Vogels (Aus), Toyota-United, 4:14:31

124. Scott Tietzel (USA), Jelly Belly, 4:14:31

125. Cyril Lemoine (F), Credit Agricole, 4:14:31

126. Caleb Manion (Aus), Toyota-United, 4:14:31

127. Hivert Jonathan* (F), Credit Agricole, 4:14:31

128. Roman Kilun (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 4:15:46

129. Michael Creed (USA), Rock Racing, 4:15:46

130. Karl Menzies (Aus), Health Net Maxxis, 4:15:46

131. Matthew Rice (Aus), Jelly Belly, 4:15:46

132. Kevin Lacombe* (CAN), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 4:20:40

** There will be a revision on Tuesday regarding the placing of No. 32 Mark CAVENDISH (THR) who was awarded the correct time but the wrong
placing on the stage.

GC After Stage 1

1. Fabian Cancellara (Swi), CSC, 4:07:20

2. Tyler Farrar (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 0:02

3. Bradley Wiggins (GB), Team High Road, 0:04

4. Levi Leipheimer (USA), Astana, 0:06

5. David Millar (GB), Slipstream-Chipotle, 0:07

6. Gustav Larsson (Swe), CSC, 0:08

7. David Zabriskie (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle

8. Benjamin (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 0:09

9. Ciolek Gerald* (G), Team High Road

10. Christian Vandevelde (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 0:10

11. George Hincapie (USA), Team High Road

12. LÖvkvist Thomas (Swe), Team High Road, 0:11

13. Jose Juan Jose (ARG), CSC, 0:12

14. Christopher Horner (USA), Astana

15. Grabovskyy Dmytro* (Ukr), Quickstep, 0:13

16. Tom Boonen (B), Quickstep

17. Kim Kirchen (Lux), Team High Road, 0:14

18. Dominique Rollin (CAN), Toyota-United

19. Matteo Tosatto (I), Quickstep

20. Jeff Louder (USA), BMC

21. Julich Robert W (USA), CSC, 0:15

22. Konovalovas Ignatas* (Lit), Credit Agricole

23. Jens Voigt (G), CSC

24. Benjamin Day (Aus), Toyota-United, 0:16

25. Crane Matthew* (USA), Health Net Maxxis

26. Alexandre Moos (Swi), BMC

27. Edward King (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling

28. Danny Pate (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle

29. Aaron Kemps (Aus), Astana, 0:17

30. Rubens Bertogliati (Swi), Saunier Duval

31. Darren Lill (RSA), BMC

32. Pena Grisales Victor Hugo (Col), Rock Racing, 0:18

33. Freddie Rodriguez (USA), Rock Racing

34. David Canada Gracia (Sp), Saunier Duval, 0:19

35. Jason Mccartney (USA), CSC

36. Rory Sutherland (Aus), Health Net Maxxis

37. Jurgen Vandewalle (B), Quickstep, 0:20

38. Mathew Hayman (Aus), Rabobank

39. Thomas Danielson (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle

40. Fabian Wegmann (G), Gerolsteiner

41. Peterson Thomas* (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle

42. Gesink Robert* (Nl), Rabobank, 0:21

43. Karsten Kroon (Nl), CSC

44. Philip Zajicek (USA), Health Net Maxxis

45. Alexandre Pichot (F), Bouygues Telecom

46. Janez Brajkovic (SLO), Astana

47. Heath Blackgrove (NZl), Toyota-United

48. Dimitri Champion (F), Bouygues Telecom

49. Aaron Olson (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 0:22

50. Heinrich Haussler (G), Gerolsteiner

51. Paolo Bettini (I), Quickstep, 0:23

52. Iker Camano Ortuzar (Sp), Saunier Duval

53. Capecchi Eros* (I), Saunier Duval

54. Ardila Cano Mauricio Alberto (Col), Rabobank

55. Mollema Bauke* (Nl), Rabobank, 0:24

56. Perrig Quemeneur (F), Bouygues Telecom

57. Pedro Horrillo Munoz (Sp), Rabobank, 0:25

58. Oscar Freire Gomez (Sp), Rabobank

59. Justin Spinelli (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 0:26

60. Vincent Jerome (F), Bouygues Telecom, 0:27

61. Julien Belgy (F), Bouygues Telecom

62. Doug Ollerenshaw (USA), Rock Racing, 0:29

63. Burke Swindlehurst (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling

64. FrÖhlinger Johannes* (G), Gerolsteiner, 0:30

65. Michael Lange (USA), Jelly Belly

66. Yannick Talabardon (F), Credit Agricole

67. Seeldraeyers Kevin* (B), Quickstep

68. Patrice Halgand (F), Credit Agricole

69. Peter Wrolich (A), Gerolsteiner, 0:32

70. Christophe Le Mevel (F), Credit Agricole, 0:33

71. Markus Zberg (Swi), Gerolsteiner

72. Oliver Zaugg (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 0:34

73. Angel Gomez Gomez (Sp), Saunier Duval, 0:37

74. Kevin Hulsmans (B), Quickstep, 0:43

75. Jonathan Mumford (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 4:30

76. Cavendish Mark* (GB), Team High Road, 5:21

77. Hagen Edvald Boasson* (Nor), Team High Road, 5:24

78. Cozza Steven* (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 5:26

79. Jackson Stewart (USA), BMC, 5:29

80. Stuart O’Grady (Aus), CSC, 5:30

81. Adam Hansen (Aus), Team High Road, 5:31

82. Tom Zirbel (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling

83. Garrett Peltonen (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling, 5:32

84. Mario Cipollini (I), Rock Racing, 5:33

85. Scott Zwizanski (USA), Bissell Pro Cycling

86. Mark Renshaw (Aus), Credit Agricole, 5:35

87. Raivis Belohvosciks (Lat), Saunier Duval

88. Scott Nydam (USA), BMC

89. Thomas Voeckler (F), Bouygues Telecom, 5:37

90. Bernard Van Ulden (USA), Jelly Belly

91. Paul Martens (G), Rabobank

92. Andrea Tonti (I), Quickstep, 5:38

93. Ivan Dominguez (CUB), Toyota-United

94. Antonio Cruz (USA), BMC

95. Nicholas Reistad (USA), Jelly Belly

96. Turgot Sébastien (F), Bouygues Telecom

97. Timothy Johnson (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 5:39

98. Barry Aaron Barry (NZl), Jelly Belly, 5:40

99. Nicholas Sanderson (Aus), Jelly Belly

100. Hilton Clarke (Aus), Toyota-United, 5:41

101. Jonathan Clarke (Aus), Toyota-United

102. Richard England (Aus), Bissell Pro Cycling

103. Capelli Ermanno* (I), Saunier Duval, 5:42

104. Dan Bowman (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast

105. Tolleson Taylor* (USA), BMC

106. Simon Julien* (F), Credit Agricole, 5:43

107. Jonathan Sundt (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 5:44

108. Wyss Danilo* (Swi), BMC

109. Bernhard Kohl (A), Gerolsteiner, 5:45

110. Frank Pipp K (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 5:46

111. Alexander Candelario (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 5:48

112. Pagliarini Mendonca Luciano André (BRA), Saunier Duval

113. Andrew Bajadali (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 5:50

114. Laurent Lefevre (F), Bouygues Telecom, 5:52

115. Frank Mathias* (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 6:01

116. Nicholas Waite (USA), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 9:22

117. Vladimir Gusev (Rus), Astana, 10:05

118. John Murphy (USA), Health Net Maxxis

119. Andrey Mizurov (Kaz), Astana, 10:08

120. Sergey Ivanov (Rus), Astana, 10:10

121. Rubiera Vigil José Luis (Sp), Astana, 10:15

122. Hivert Jonathan* (F), Credit Agricole, 11:26

123. Cyril Lemoine (F), Credit Agricole, 11:27

124. Bryce Mead (USA), Jelly Belly, 11:28

125. Hendricus Vogels (Aus), Toyota-United, 11:30

126. Scott Tietzel (USA), Jelly Belly, 11:32

127. Caleb Manion (Aus), Toyota-United, 11:35

128. Roman Kilun (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 12:34

129. Karl Menzies (Aus), Health Net Maxxis, 12:48

130. Michael Creed (USA), Rock Racing, 13:09

131. Matthew Rice (Aus), Jelly Belly, 13:10

132. Lacombe Kevin* (CAN), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 17:36

Points after Stage 1

1. Jackson Stewart (USA), BMC, 15 Pts.

2. Jose Juan Jose (ARG), CSC, 15 Pts.

3. Gerald Ciolek* (G), Team High Road, 12 Pts.

4. Heinrich Haussler (G), Gerolsteiner, 10 Pts.

5. Tyler Farrar (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 9 Pts.

6. Dominique Rollin (CAN), Toyota-United, 7 Pts.

7. Mark Cavendish* (GB), Team High Road, 6 Pts.

8. Matteo Tosatto (I), Quickstep, 6 Pts.

9. Peter Wrolich (A), Gerolsteiner, 4 Pts.

10. Alexandre Pichot (F), Bouygues Telecom, 3 Pts.

11. Freddie Rodriguez (USA), Rock Racing, 2 Pts.

12. David Millar (GB), Slipstream-Chipotle, 1 Pts.

13. Mario Cipollini (I), Rock Racing, 1 Pts.

14. Mathew Hayman (Aus), Rabobank, 1 Pts.

K.O.M after Stage 1

1. Jackson Stewart (USA), BMC, 6 Pts.

2. Seeldraeyers Kevin* (B), Quickstep, 5 Pts.

3. Jens Voigt (G), CSC, 4 Pts.

4. Christopher Horner (USA), Astana, 3 Pts.

5. Jurgen Vandewalle (B), Quickstep, 1 Pts.

Best Young Rider After Stage 1

1. Gerald Ciolek* (G), Team High Road, 4:07:29

2. Dmytro Grabovskyy* (Ukr), Quickstep, 0:04

3. Ignatas Konovalovas* (Lit), Credit Agricole, 0:06

4. Matthew Crane* (USA), Health Net Maxxis, 0:07

5. Thomas Peterson* (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 0:11

6. Robert Gesink* (Nl), Rabobank, 0:12

7. Eros Capecchi* (I), Saunier Duval, 0:14

8. Bauke Mollema* (Nl), Rabobank, 0:15

9. Johannes FrÖhlinger* (G), Gerolsteiner, 0:21

10. Kevin Seeldraeyers* (B), Quickstep

11. Mark Cavendish* (GB), Team High Road, 5:12

12. Edvald Boasson Hagen* (Nor), Team High Road, 5:15

13. Steven Cozza* (USA), Slipstream-Chipotle, 5:17

14. Ermanno Capelli* (I), Saunier Duval, 5:33

15. Taylor Tolleson* (USA), BMC

16. Julien Simon* (F), Credit Agricole, 5:34

17. Danilo Wyss* (Swi), BMC, 5:35

18. Mathias Frank* (Swi), Gerolsteiner, 5:52

19. Jonathan Hivert* (F), Credit Agricole, 11:17

20. Kevin Lacombe* (CAN), Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 17:27

Teams After Stage 1

1. High Road, 12:22:19

2. Team CSC, 0:02

3. Slipstream Chipotle Presented By H30, 0:02

4. Astana, 0:12

5. Bissell Pro Cycling, 0:19

6. Quick Step, 0:21

7. Health Net Presented by Maxxis, 0:21

8. BMC Racing Team, 0:28

9. Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team, 0:32

10. Rock Racing, 0:34

11. Saunier Duval-Scott, 0:35

12. Crédit Agricole, 0:38

13. Rabobank, 0:42

14. Bouygues Telecom, 0:43

15. Gerolsteiner, 0:55

16. Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast, 10:18

17. Jelly Belly Cycling Team, 11:19

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