By USA Cycling press release

Sao Paolo, Brazil (July 29, 2006)—The United States Cycling Team capturedthree world championships and added four more medals to its medal countSaturday as the 2006 UCI BMX World Championships continued with cruiserclass competition.Donny Robinson (Napa, Calif.) and Danny Caluag (Chino, Calif.) providedthe highlight of the day for Team USA as the duo threw a 1-2 punch in theelite men’s race to capture a world title and a silver medal respectively. Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla.) rode to a gold medal in the junior women’scategory and Joe Sowers III (Glendale, Ariz.) won the junior men’s event.With four Americans in the eight-man final of the elite men’s category,eventual eighth-place finisher Jarrett Kolich (Santa Barbara, Calif.) tookthe early lead before Robinson made an early pass and held on to claimthe win with Caluag in tow for second place.  Tyler Brown (San Clemente,Calif.) rode to a sixth place finish.  Damien Godet of France roundedout the podium with a bronze-medal effort.In the junior men’s race, Sowers joined Josh Oie (Manteca, Calif.) andDavid Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo.) in the final as the U.S. was the onlycountry to have multiple representatives in contention for a medal. Sowers earned the world title ahead of second-place finisher Fausto Endaraof Ecuador and Edzus Treimanis of Latvia.Oie finished fifth and Herman eighth.In the junior women’s race, Geving gave the U.S. its third world titleof the day, riding to a rainbow jersey ahead of Sarah Walker of New Zealandand Magalie Pottier of France.No Americans qualified for the final in the elite women’s race.Saturday’s performance gave the U.S. a total of six medals in the championshipclasses after Randy Stumpfhauser (Sanger, Calif.) and Mike Day (Santa Clarita,Calif.) rode to silver and bronze respectively in the elite men’s categoryFriday.“Six medals at the championship level is a phenomenal performance forTeam USA,” commented Pat McDonough, USA Cycling director of athletics. “As the newest Olympic discipline, I think we’re on pace for a solid performancein Beijing if the world championships provide any indication of our world-classpotential.”The 2006 UCI BMX World Championships conclude on Sunday with additionalchallenge class events. 2006 UCI BMX World Championships – Sao Paolo, Brazil, July 28, 2006Elite Men Cruiser Class
1. Donny Robinson (USA)
2. Danny Caluag  (USA)
3. Damien Godet (FRA)
4. Sergio Salazar (COL)
5. Billy Jolliffe (AUS)
6. Tyler Brown (USA)
7. Thomas Allier (FRA)
8. Jarrett Kolich (USA)Elite Women Cruiser Class
1. Laetitia Le Corguille (FRA)
2. Samantha Cools (CAN)
3. Maria Belen Dutto (ARG)
4. Aneta Hladikova (CZE)
5. Vilma Rimsaite (LTU)
6. Jana Horakova (CZE)
7. Cecile Lazzarotto (FRA)
8. Amelie Despeaux (FRA)Junior Men Cruiser Class
1. Joe Sowers III (USA)
2. Fausto Endara (ECU)
3. Edzus Treimanis (LAT)
4. Juan Carlos Romero (ARG)
5. Josh Oie (USA)
6. Tvan Lapraz (SUI)
7. Martijin Scherpin (NED)
8. David Herman (USA)Junior Women’s Cruiser Class
1. Amanda Geving  (USA)
2. Sarah Walker (NZL)
3. Magalie Pottier (FRA)
4. Ziggy Callan (AUS)
5. Madison Pitts (USA)
6. Simone De Wan
7. Javiera Figueroa (CHI)
8. Maria Eugenia Ruarte (ARG)

In the “UCI Challenge” classes, Americans have also captured sixwins and 18 medals in addition to the six medals and three world titlesgarnered by Americans in the championship classes.  Additional resultsprior to Sunday’s challenge class competitions:Women 19+ Cruiser
1. Angeliane Van Gemert (NED)
2. Michele Peters (USA)
3. Marlies Knill (SUI)
Women 18 & Under Cruiser
1. Mariana Pajon (COL)
2. Alise Post  (USA)
3. Merle Van Benthem (NED)
5. Amanda Carr  (USA)
8. Shelby Stacy (USA)Men 45+ Cruiser
1. Peter Jensen (CAN)
2. Bert Volkers (NED)
3. Marc Levay (FRA)Men 40-44 Cruiser
1. Eric Rupe  (USA)
2. Gary Slater (USA)
3. Frank Young (USA)
4. Don Beals  (USA)
Boys 12 & Under Cruiser
1. Lain Van Ogle (USA)
2. Anthony DeRosa (USA)
3. Carlos Ramirez Yepez (COL)
7. Maliek Byndloss (USA)Boys 13-14 Cruiser
1. Jared Garcia (USA)
2. Lorin Martinez (FRA)
3. Connor Fields (USA)Men’s 30-34 Cruiser
1. Rene Zivny (CZE)
2. Victor Parra (CHI)
3. Elton Ghigiarelli (BRA)Men’s 35-39 Cruiser
1. Jason Carnes  (USA)
2. Domingos Lammoglia (USA)
3. Bob O’Gorman  (USA)
Boy’s 15-16 Cruiser
1. Vincent Pelluard (FRA)
2. Jacob Trevino (Cibolo, Texas)
3. Jorge Daniel Quintero (COL)
4. Douglas Hayes  (USA)
Men’s 17-19 Cruiser
1. Marcio Perozzo Ataide (BRA)
2. Adrien Kerkhof (FRA)
3. Daniel Roura (ECU)
4. Kris Mulhause (USA)Girl’s 16
1. Amanda Carr (USA)
2. Eva Ailloud (FRA)
3. Manon Valentino (FRA)Girl’s 15
1. Mariana Pajon (COL)
2. Elke Vanhoof (BEL)
3. Natalia Bednarikova (SVK)
5. Samantha Bretheim  (USA)
7. Liz Passwaters (USA)
8. Alise Post (USA)
 30 & Over Men
1. Jason Carnes  (USA)
2. Alan Hill (GBR)
3. Bob O’Gorman  (USA)
4. Eric Rupe ( (USA)
6. Percy Owens (USA)
8. Todd Lyons (USA)25-29 Men
1. Benedito Teodor Rodrigues Jr. (BRA)
2. Gonzalo Ureta (CHI)
3. Cesar Enrique Nieto (ARG)Boy’s 15
1. Jelle Van Gorkom (NED)
2. Jacob Trevino (USA)
3. Sam Willoughby (AUS)
Boy’s 16
1. Ashley McCutcheon (AUS)
2. Mike Kaltoft (DEN)
3. Nathan Miller (USA)17-24 Men
1. Allan Jonas Duarte (BRA)
2. Ivan Kostyukov (RUS)
3. Luke Pretlove (AUS)
5. AJ Bontorno (USA)
6. Chris Bull  (USA)
8. Mike Kapes  (USA)