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The VeloNews Photo Contest – Tan, rested and ready, it’s back

By VeloNews.com • Published
Robbie-Hunter-TOC Prologue

Robbie-Hunter-TOC Prologue

Photo: Steve Jacoubowsky

We know that it’s been a while since our last weekly contest and we’ll try to get these back on track, folks. Our latest reader-submitted Photo Gallery is now up for your viewing pleasure.

Of course, a new gallery also means the naming of the winner of ourmost recent contest.

Take the time to wander through that gallery and see if you agree or disagree with our choice of winner. This past contest offered up an especially difficult set of choices, but we ultimately settled upon Steve Jacoubowsky’s shot of Robbie-Hunter taking on the prologue at the Tour of California.

Congratulations Steve! Drop us a note at Rosters@InsideInc.com to work out the details and we’ll send you a copy of Graham Watson’s “Landscapes of Cycling.“Go ahead and take a look at our latest gallery,decide what you like and let us know what you think by dropping a noteto Rosters@InsideInc.com. If you would care to submit a photo for our next round, use the same address, but do us a favor and read the rules first.

Contest Rules and answers to common questionsReaders are invited to submit one photo inJPG format each week to VeloNews.com via e-mail only to Rosters@InsideInc.com.Photo files must be titled in a way that briefly describes the contentof the image and properly credits the photographer, using the followingexample as an acceptable format
Tour de France Stage 18 2004 – by JoeBikefan.jpg
(File names not complying with above format willnot be posted.)
Photo submissions may include any topic related to cycling,with a particular emphasis on competitive cycling.Photos do not have to be timely, but they do needrepresent some aspect of cycling.Contestants agree to submit only photos they themselves havetaken.Submission of plagiarized material may result in a contestantbeing banned from further weekly contests.Submission of a photo is no guarantee that it willbe posted and only images posted in our weekly gallery are eligible forprizes.Decisions of the judges are final.By submitting a photo, contestants agree to grant one-timerights to VeloNews.com for the display of photos in a web gallery thatmay remain posted for as long as VeloNews.com deems appropriate.Weekly winners also agree to allow the reposting of the winningphoto in at least one story regarding the contest and possible use in ayear-end gallery of weekly winners.All other ownership rights remain the property of the photographer.

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