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CycleItaliaRide hard, eat well

CycleItaliaRide hard, eat well


“I wish I’d done this years ago!” CycleItalia hears that a lot. Regular clientsdescribe their time in Italy riding and eating with CycleItalia as the bestpart of their year, every year. After all, Ciclismo is at home inItaly. It’s more than mere sport. It’s a tradition, lifestyle and passion.

You’re climbing some endless pass in the north of Italy. You pedal througha tiny village, narrow main street, tiny shops, one cafe. A black shawledold woman cheers as you ride by.

CycleItaliaRide hard, eat well

CycleItaliaRide hard, eat well


“FORZA!” she says. Strength. As you ride, you see names and words paintedon the pavement. You realize you’ve read about this road in VeloNews.This very climb has strung out Giro d’Italia fields year after year.

You’re pedaling on sacred ground. You’re riding on a cypress-lined countryroad. You sense to your surprise that none of the cars or trucks passingby will hit you. Or skim by and scare you. You realize that in Italy you’rewelcome on the road — welcome everywhere.

Heather Reid and Larry Theobald met on an Italian bike tour in 1989 and marriedsoon after. Since then they’ve spent every summer in Europe leading challengingtours, founding their own company, CycleItalia, in 1998.

CycleItalia’s motto is pedala forte, mangia bene — ride hard, eatwell! Heather and Larry search Italy for the best roads, most welcoming innsand most authentic restaurants. Their itineraries evolved from cycling getawaysthey enjoyed as a couple, exploring little-traveled back roads of undiscoveredregions, lodging at small family-run inns and dining on local home-stylecooking.

First-timers on CycleItalia tours are astounded at the taste, quality andvariety of food and wine. CycleItalia is as excited about the cooking asthey are about the cycling.

Larry and Heather aim to satisfy the fittest, fastest riders with 100 kilometerdays of scenic, challenging cycling, while offering delightful options forthose preferring less demanding distances.

Larry and Heather have become like family at many restaurants and inns. Guestsoften remark that they’re treated as “friends of friends” at those establishments.Out on the road, clients describe the support as “our own personal guardianangels.”

CycleItalia tours feature easy airport connections from Milan or Rome. Onceyou’ve reserved your tour space, just buy a plane ticket. CycleItalia takescare of the rest. CycleItalia groups never exceed 16, so each year Larryand Heather share their passion for Italy with no more than 100 clients.One of them could be you. Come join the CycleItalia family!

2 0 0 3 S C H E D U L E
Etruscan trails: May 21-30
Umbria Marche: May 29-June 8
Paradiso in Piemonte: June 10-22
Appennines of Emilia-Romagna: June 25-July 4
Dolomites: July 5-13
Legendary Climbs of the Giro: July 12-20
Italian Alps: July 19-27

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