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CLA What?

Dear Monique, I just finished reading large sections of your book, which I find fantastic and will highly recommend to friends. With

Sweat, Salt, and Fish

Dear Monique, In your April 25th column (More prepping for long rides), you mention weighing before and after a ride. Is the weight

Fasting for cyclists?

Cyclists consider fasting to lose weight. Hi Monique, I really enjoy your column and informative responses. My question revolves around the

Avoid Off-Season Weight Gain

Hi Monique- This is a tough time of year for me from a food perspective. My cyclocross season is winding down and I will take some time off

Meal plans for the cyclocross season

Cyclocross season has begun and your race calendar is set. Your diet may require a few adjustments for the shorter, but often very high