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Sam Schultz (Missoula, Montana)

Men’s Cross-country
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Sam Shultz will be attending his first-ever Olympics when he heads to London this summer, but is a nine-time member of the U.S. world championships team.

Shultz joined USA Cycling’s mountain bike development program at age 18, the year he attended his first junior world championships. He took his graduation from high school as an opportunity to focus on mountain biking, moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to race for the U.S. National Team.

Shultz, the 2006 U23 national cross-country champion, finished on the podium at the 2011 national cross-country championships and was fourth that same year in the short track national championship. His world championship highlight is a third-place in the team relay in 2007.

Throughout his success, Shultz keeps himself grounded in the basics. “Remembering to keep it fun is incredibly important,” he says. “I have discovered that the more fun I am having the faster I ride.”