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The Outer Line is an independent website focused on the economics, governance and structural issues in professional cycling. Some articles appearing below are printed in their entirety, whereas others are shorter excerpts which link to a long-form version on The Outer Line website. The viewpoints or opinions voiced in these articles are strictly those of The Outer Line. The Outer Line is written and produced by Steve Maxwell and Joe Harris, with contributions from other journalists, researchers, and business leaders as noted. (Maxwell is also an owner of Pocket Outdoor Media, the parent company of VeloNews.)”

Women’s Cycling: The path to parity

In order to sustain itself in the sports world, women's cycling needs a meaningful long-term strategy, writes Joe Harris and Steve Maxwell

Team Optum: A model for the future?

Optum-Kelly Benefit strategies has long been a fixture on the domestic road scene, and it has done so with a commitment to fair play