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Velocio Women’s Luxe Bib Shorts

  • RATING 9.5/10
  • PRICE $259.00
  • SIZE Medium

These luxurious Italian-made bibs are constructed with a three-panel design that uses fewer seams to reduce weight and improve comfort. The super soft material is highly compressive, which we love, but might be too much for riders who prefer more relaxed fits. The compression helps support the muscles during hard efforts and these bibs just make us want to ride faster.

A sneaky zipper in the back of the shorts makes bathroom breaks easier than ever—you don’t have to take off your jersey! Simply unzip and pull the shorts down. The seamless microfiber straps stretch so you can pull the bibs down and back up and get back on your way in no time.

A built-in mesh base layer supports the straps so they stay put when riding hard without pressing uncomfortably on the shoulders. At $259, they’re quite expensive. But these are the most comfortable bibs we’ve ever tested and we think they’re worth it.

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