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Giro Chrono Expert Jersey

  • RATING 8.5/10
  • PRICE $100.00
  • SIZE Medium
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com

Giro’s lightweight Chrono Expert jersey has a relaxed, flattering fit for all body shapes and sizes. It’s a versatile piece that you can wear for races, training, or a coffee shop spin and feel comfortable and confident in all cases. The jersey’s moisture-wicking polyester isn’t as body hugging as some other race-cut jerseys like DNA’s Floral jersey or Tenspeed Hero’s Sprinkle, so we didn’t feel as self-conscious after a pastry stop during our ride.

For a reasonable $100 price tag, the Chrono Expert jersey packs important details like sturdy pockets for carrying extra gear and a durable full-length zipper. It’s lightweight and uncomplicated, perfect for the no-fuss rider.

A thin silicone gripper at the bottom of the jersey keeps it from riding up during hard efforts. While the sleeves don’t ride up thanks to the sturdy material, they do have a tendency to flap in hard winds.

Giro offers a bright jersey selection with fun patterns in the affordable Chrono Expert. We love the deep purple and blue design and straightforward cut. If you’re not looking for performance features like compressive materials or long, racer sleeves, the Chrono is an excellent choice.

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