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Adidas Zonyk Aero Pro Sunglasses

  • RATING 9.2/10
  • PRICE $249.00
Photo: Brad Kaminski | VeloNews.com

Adidas sports sunglasses are packed with performance features and crisp lenses. The photochromic Vario lenses provide a wide range of tint for various riding conditions and are our choice for low-light rides, especially on trails. The adjustable Zonyk Aero Pro frames provide a nearly-custom fit and are stylish. They’re ideal for riders with small- to medium-sized faces.

The Vario Blue Mirror lenses are impressively clear for low and flat light conditions. The light blue tint makes contrasts really pop so you’ll be able to tell if that’s a shadow coming up or a pothole.

The polycarbonate photochromic lenses adjust quickly to changing weather and light conditions. They start fairly clear, ideal for extreme low-light conditions like early-morning or late-evening rides. As the conditions get lighter, the lenses get darker while maintaining clarity.

Adidas offers a variety of lens colors and types, ranging from a nearly clear Coal Reflective to dark and mirrored Chrome. Not all of the lens options are photochromic, however. The Zonyk’s quick-change system makes easy work of swapping lenses with just a click and a pull.

The frames provide a wide field of vision. The half-rim design won’t obstruct peripheral vision or when you’re looking down. We love the loud, bright white frames, though Adidas offers subtler frame colors like coal and black as well.

The nose bridge adjusts to two positions so you can dial in the fit depending on your nose size and how close you like your lenses to your eyes. The temples have three adjustment positions that tilt the glasses up or down on your face. We love this feature because most sunglasses make our ears stick out when paired with a helmet. Using the tilt feature, we can adjust the temples so they don’t push down on our ears, keeping us from entering elf-mode.

The Zonyks come with a removable sweat blocker. We thought the blue strip at the top of the glasses looked silly so we removed it right away. However, heavy sweaters might give it a go to keep sweat from dripping down into their eyes.

At $249, the Zonkys are expensive — more expensive than most Oakley and Smith offerings. But Adidas’s Vario photochromic lenses are some of the best we’ve tested and the frames are stylish and fun.

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