NBX Gran Prix: West Doubles Down, Lindine victorious on day two

Ruby West (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com) took her second win of the weekend in the elite women’s race at the UCI C2 NBX Gran Prix of Cross in Warwick, Rhode Island on Sunday. She also grabbed both overall Vittoria Series jerseys for the elite women and under-23 women.

Justin Lindine (Apex/NBX/Hyperthreads) took the victory in the elite men’s race, as Curtis White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com) finished on the podium in third to secure the overall elite men’s title of the Vittoria Series.

West started the day on the classic New England course in Greenwich Bay on the front, gapping the rest of the field early with Rebecca Fahringer (Stan’s NoTubes p/b Maxxis /gofahr).

“It was a fast pace from the start,” noted 18-year-old West. “Becca and I got a gap on the rest of the field. I kind of tried to lead for a lot and then Becca jumped me. She was riding really, really strong, so in the power sections, I’d lose her wheel a bit. She gapped me a bit coming into the bell lap. And then she had a bit of (trouble) going through the pits, so I capitalized on that, hit it pretty hard. I just tried to maintain a bit of a gap to the finish.”

Fahringer raced to improve on her fourth-place finish on Saturday and focused on the technical aspects of the course. “Yesterday [I] felt flat,” said Fahringer. “Today I was out for redemption and riding smooth. I was taking the turns a bit too quick yesterday, tripped on the barriers and lost my front wheel a couple of times. [Today] I started out with a decent position and was following Ruby around for a while. Eventually, we distanced ourselves and I said ‘now’s the moment!’ So I attacked and got a little gap on her. And then it was her putting down wonderful paces and lines through the turns, I decided it was time to blow it again. I fell down, but luckily it was right in front of the pit. So I pitted and Ruby passed.”

“But I am pretty happy with my ride, being able to follow her around and make me feel comfortable on this course, which is always tricky. I always learn something racing here at NBX.”

The competition for the final podium step would come down to the final turns of the course where Cassie Maximenko (Van Dessel/Atom Composite Wheels) would outmaneuver Arley Kemmerer (Fearless Femme Racing). Not wanting to face Kemmerer in a sprint to the line, Maximenko would attack the final stretch prior to the pavement, similar to her late-race move on Saturday when she finished two seconds ahead of Fahringer for third. Maximenko would finish third for a second day, this time three seconds behind Fahringer. Kemmerer would finish fourth on Sunday.

“I didn’t get as good of a start today,” said Maximenko. “I just felt a little off. I think my cold ramped up a little bit after yesterday’s effort. So today, my lungs weren’t as clear. I had to work a little bit harder to get back up to the lead group today. Then I was just in chase mode. I was yo-yoing off that lead group, and then I had to make a couple of passes. Then I got ahead of Arley and then we were battling on that last lap. I just had to go out and defend third as best I could through those last couple of turns. Arley’s a great sprinter, so I knew that it was going to take my best sprint effort to stick it. I was really happy to come away with third again today.”

The elite women’s podium in the Vittoria Series overall standings would feature West on top with 215 points. Her teammate Emma White would finish in second with 190 points, and Maximenko followed in third with 185 points. In the final under-23 overall podium, West would be followed by Sophie Russenberger (DaHÄNGER) and White.

Elite women top-10

  • 1. Ruby West, CANNONDALE CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM, in 42:47:00
  • 2. Rebecca Fahringer, STAN’S NOTUBES P/B MAXXIS / GOF, at +00:08
  • 3. Cassandra Maximenko, VANDESSEL/ATOM COMPOSITE WHEELS, at +00:11
  • 4. Arley Kemmerer, FEARLESS FEMME RACING, at +00:20
  • 5. Kathryn Cumming, JALAPENO CYCLING, at +01:01
  • 6. Danielle Arman, TENSPEED HERO, at +01:21
  • 7. Natasha Elliott, GARNEAU – EASTON P/B TRANSITION, at +01:32
  • 8. Jennifer Malik, AMERICAN CLASSIC PRO CX TEAM, at +01:32
  • 9. Anne Usher, FAST FUN NICE, at +01:47
  • 10. Stacey Barbossa, MIDATLANTIC COLAVITA WOMEN’S TE, at +01:49
  • Lindine captures first win of season

    Justin Lindine (Apex/NBX/Hyperthreads) took his first victory of the season on Saturday at the NBX Gran Prix. Photo: Angelica Dixon

    For the elite men, Curtis White would waste no time in taking control, and put 15 seconds on the field in the first half lap of racing. But it was Lindine, who with an enormous effort, pulled White back and would surpass the 23-year-old Cannondale rider with a late-race attack.

    “In typical Curtis fashion, he smashed it really early and got a big gap on everybody,” said Lindine. “I have learned enough about myself and his fitness that I can’t match that kind of acceleration. So I played a bit of the waiting game, and then Eric Thompson and I were able to reel him back in. I managed to eek out a gap with two laps to go, and kind of put all my cards on the table and went for it. I was a little surprised that it worked out, actually. It was win or lose.”

    A local favorite who is supported by race sponsors NBX Bikes and Apex Technology Group, Lindine was thrilled to win for a “hometown” crowd. Lindine is from upstate New York and now resides in Utah. “It’s awesome to be able to do [win] in front of all the sponsors, and friends. The last couple of laps it was like non-stop cheering around the course. So it was pretty awesome. The NBX guys put together a good course both days. I liked today a little bit better. It was a little bit more technical, kind of [more] twisty and not as many long power sections in that long beach run. So for me, I was enjoying the course.”

    Despite a weekend of mechanicals with a slipping seat post on Saturday and a flat on Sunday, Eric Thompson (M Speed Wax) overcame the circumstances to finish second, 41 seconds behind Lindine.

    “Today was a non-stop fight, really,” said Thompson. “It didn’t go as smooth as yesterday, but I had the pit support there to help me so that was good. I flatted on my front tire about halfway through the race. It was a hot pace. The first couple of guys were really setting the pace. Curtis and Lindine were strong today. So I just did my best to hang with them. They were smart. When I pitted they punched it, and they had me just off the back for most of the race. So I finally caught them in the last bit. It seemed like Curtis was fading a little bit, so I considered myself lucky to close the gap on them. I was happy to have second.”

    White would start strong, but struggled later in the race. He would finish 35 seconds behind Thompson in third on Sunday. Thanks to his consistently strong season, White would come away with 315 total points and the elite men’s Vittoria Series jersey.

    “I knew I wanted to take the lead early,” said White. “The section in the sand was pretty technical, it seemed like anyone in second place had to run that section and it was a little bit slower. I wanted the lead through there, I got a bit of a gap, held it for a few laps. Lindine was riding really strong today. So was Eric Thompson. They came back to me and there was group racing for a bit. The last three laps I really came undone, to be honest. I am not sure what happened. There wasn’t anything wrong with the training, today was just something I have to analyze still.”

    White would share the Vittoria Series overall podium with Sunday’s winner Lindine, who finished second overall with 219 points, and Aspire Racing’s Jeremy Powers in third with 158 points. New Jersey’s Nick Lando (Hands-On Cycling) claimed the under-23 men’s jersey ahead of Michael Owens (Hands-On Cycling) and Cooper Willsey (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com), who were second and third, respectively.

    Elite men full results

    • 1. Justin Lindine, APEX / NBX / HYPERTHREADS, in 01:06:29
    • 2. Eric Thompson, M SPEED WAX, at +00:41
    • 3. Curtis White, CANNONDALE P/B CYCLOCROSSWORLD, at +01:16
    • 4. Max Judelson, VOLER/CLIF/HRS/ROCK LOBSTER, at +01:23
    • 5. Merwin Davis, CYCLE-SMART INC., at +01:29
    • 6. Trevor O’donnell, LAKESIDE STORAGE CYCLOCROSS, at +01:30
    • 7. Brendan Mccormack, APEX/NBX/HYPERTHREADS, at +01:45
    • 8. Michael Owens, HANDS-ON CYCLING P/B GUERCIOTTI, at +01:49
    • 9. Derrick St John, VANVV DESSEL P/B HYPERTHREADS, at +01:54
    • 10. Patrick Collins, MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB, at +02:57
    • 11. Samuel O’keefe, HOUSE IND/NOKIA HEALTH/SIMPLEHU, at +03:22
    • 12. Dan Chabanov, HOUSE IND/NOKIA HEALTH/SIMPLEHU, at +03:33
    • 13. Nick Lando, UVM CYCLING, at +03:42
    • 14. Adam Myerson, CYCLE-SMART, at +03:48
    • 15. Andrew Borden, X-MEN, at +03:48
    • 16. Michael Landry, VOLER/CLIF/HRS/ROCK LOBSTER, at +04:00
    • 17. Ben Powers, RIVERSIDE RACING, at +04:06
    • 18. Nate Morse, MINUTEMAN ROAD CLUB, at +04:29
    • 19. Kale Wenczel, JAM / NCC, at +04:40
    • 20. Kevin Bouchard-Hall, WRENEGADE SPORTS/TEAM PLACID PL, at +04:43
    • 21. Matt Mollo, SQUADRA FLYING TIGERS | MAD ALC, at +04:52
    • 22. Doug Thorp, COLONIAL BICYCLE COMPANY, at +04:57
    • 23. Christopher Rabadi, UNATTACHED, at +04:57
    • 24. Bryan Horsley, SEA SPORTS CYCLERY & OUTDOOR, at +05:29
    • 25. Gennaro Ameno, GREEN LINE VELO DRIVEN BY ZIPCA, at +05:32
    • 26. Zachary Curtis, BRIDGEWATER STATE UNIVERSITY, at +06:18
    • 27. Christian Ricci, LAKESIDE STORAGE CYCLOCROSS, at +06:19
    • 28. Sean Curran, IMSHI CYCLES, at +06:52
    • 29. Kyle Murphy, LUDWIG & LARSEN RACING, at +07:16
    • 30. Travis Wold, WPI, at +08:07
    • 31. Matt Owens, UVM CYCLING
    • 32. Mark Hewitt, JAM / NCC
    • 34. Scott Yarosh
    • 35. Dylan Mcnicholas, POLARTEC
    • 36. Colin Reuter, CROSSRESULTS.COM
    • 37. Tim Willis, JAM / NCC
    • 38. Clyde Sebastian Logue, COLONIAL BICYCLE CO
    • 39. Dan Fitzgibbons, GREEN LINE VELO DRIVEN BY ZIPCA
    • 40. Chris Niesen, JAM / NCC
    • 41. John Funke, TEAM MIKE’S BIKES P/B EQUATOR C
    • 42. Andrew Nicholas, RPI
    • 43. Sam Hedlund, UVM CYCLING
    • 44. John Eckert, CYCLELOFT
    • 45. Chris Goguen, RACE CF | RACECF.ORG

    Elite women full results

    • 1. Ruby West, CANNONDALE CYCLOCROSSWORLD.COM, in 42:47:00
    • 2. Rebecca Fahringer, STAN’S NOTUBES P/B MAXXIS / GOF, at +00:08
    • 3. Cassandra Maximenko, VANDESSEL/ATOM COMPOSITE WHEELS, at +00:11
    • 4. Arley Kemmerer, FEARLESS FEMME RACING, at +00:20
    • 5. Kathryn Cumming, JALAPENO CYCLING, at +01:01
    • 6. Danielle Arman, TENSPEED HERO, at +01:21
    • 7. Natasha Elliott, GARNEAU – EASTON P/B TRANSITION, at +01:32
    • 8. Jennifer Malik, AMERICAN CLASSIC PRO CX TEAM, at +01:32
    • 9. Anne Usher, FAST FUN NICE, at +01:47
    • 10. Stacey Barbossa, MIDATLANTIC COLAVITA WOMEN’S TE, at +01:49
    • 11. Katherine Northcott, WEST HILL SHOP, at +01:53
    • 12. Rachel Rubino, FEARLESS FEMME RACING, at +02:46
    • 13. Sophie Russenberger, DAH─NGER/ BARD COLLEGE, at +03:04
    • 14. Brittlee Bowman, HOUSE IND/NOKIA HEALTH/SIMPLEHU, at +03:08
    • 15. Natalie Tapias, JAM / NCC, at +03:16
    • 16. Katie Carlson, LADIES FIRST P/B MILTON CATERPI, at +03:31
    • 17. Taylor Kuyk-White, PHILADELPHIA BIKE EXPO, at +03:42
    • 18. Allison Mrugal, RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUT, at +03:45
    • 19. Erin Faccone, TEAM AVERICA, at +03:53
    • 20. Alixanna Norris, COWBELL RACING P/B WORLD BICYCL, at +04:02
    • 21. Meghan Owens, UVM CYCLING, at +04:05
    • 22. Leslie Lupien, TEAM AVERICA, at +04:15
    • 23. Christin Reuter, MAD ALCHEMY | ZANCONATO, at +04:20
    • 24. Taryn Mudge, FEARLESS FEMME RACING, at +04:25
    • 25. Kayla Brannen, COWBELL RACING P/B WORLD BICYCL, at +04:43
    • 26. Philicia Marion, AMERICAN CLASSIC PRO CYCLOCROSS, at +04:45
    • 27. Lindsey Crifasi, TEAM STICKY FINGERS, at +04:59
    • 28. Heather Richard, LADIES FIRST P/B MILTON CATERPI, at +05:17
    • 29. Natalie Forsythe, RIVERSIDE RACING, at +05:45
    • 30. Paige Williams, FUJI CROSS CREW, at +06:36
    • 31. Elizabeth Huuki, ARMY WEST POINT CYCLING
    • 32. Jenny Wojewoda, PEDALPOWERTRAINING.COM
    • 33. Sara Melikian, PEDALPOWERTRAINING.COM