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VN Show: Did Gaimon go too far in his new book?

Editor’s note: This VeloNews Show includes images from TDWSport.com, VeloNews.com, Flickr Creative Commons, Sam Smith/US Cup-CX, YouTube.com/BrettLawson

This week’s episode of The VeloNews Show is sponsored by custom apparel manufacturer Pactimo, which can guarantee delivery on any custom order in under four weeks.

Phil Gaimon’s new book “Draft Animals: Living the Pro Cycling Dream (Once in a While)” has been generating lots of buzz in the pro cycling world since it was released. Gaimon pulls no punches in his unvarnished and raw look at pro cycling and is not shy to share his opinions on some of the most controversial topics in the sport. The section of Gaimon’s book that has generated the most controversy involves Fabian Cancellara, who Gaimon believes used a concealed motor to win races during his career.

Of course, the Cancellara reference is just one of Gaimon’s hot takes on cycling. We read the book and have takes of our own. Is it worth reading? Check out this week’s episode of The VeloNews Show.

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