Top-three aero road bikes tested in 2017

When it comes to aero road bikes, speed is king. Fortunately, the bike industry’s latest wind-cutters are better-handling and more comfortable than ever. This isn’t to say that they’re ideal rides for rough cobblestones or dirt roads. Rather, bike engineers keep refining the category, which is good for everyone. And face it, even if you’ll never commit to riding one of these thoroughbreds full-time, they’re still fun to admire. Here are our three favorite aero road bikes tested in 2017.

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Scapin Kalibra
$3,500 (not as pictured)

Photo: Brad Kaminski |

The kinks and swoops and intriguing lines long associated with Italian carbon fiber frames are all present on Scapin’s Kalibra. So is race-worthy geometry, another thing to which the Italians have steadfastly held. Quick handling and good looking; we’re already two-thirds of the way to excellent.


Cervelo S3 Disc

You probably won’t need the little chainring on this bike — we didn’t. Cervelo’s S3d is a purebred race machine that compels you to shift into a harder gear, fold into an aero tuck, and go faster.


Scott Foil Premium

Photo: Scott Bikes

The Foil takes aim at the big boys in the aero category thanks in large part to its impressive stiffness numbers. Yet it maintains spritely handling and a touch of comfort more indicative of the all-around category, which makes it a successful crossover.