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Gallery: VeloSwap’s weirdest and wackiest gear

Bike swaps are like treasure chests, only with more grease and DayGlo. Every year consumers flock to used bicycle flea markets to hunt for vintage gems and unload their boxes of old and unused parts. These swaps are the best place to haggle over old 105 derailleur parts, or score a box full of seat posts.

Every year, several thousand bicycle enthusiasts descend on Denver’s National Western complex for the annual VeloSwap used bicycle flea market. The show markets itself as “The world’s largest consumer bicycling and sports expo that celebrates all things cycling.” It’s also the world’s best place to unearth goofy mountain bike technology from a bygone era (we’re looking at you, Softride). This year we headed to VeloSwap to scour the showroom floor for the weirdest and wackiest gems. Here’s the cream of the greasy, DayGlo-coated crop.

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