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VN Show: We try to save Cannondale-Drapac

Editor’s note: This VeloNews Show includes images from TDWSport.com, VeloNews.com, Flickr Creative Commons, indiegogo.com/projects/saveargyle

On this week’s episode of The VeloNews Show we discuss the crisis facing American cycling team Cannondale-Drapac. The team is facing a $7 million budgetary shortfall after a sponsor pulled out for 2018.

In an attempt to save the team, management has launched a crowdfunding campaign via the website Indiegogo, with gifts such as tote bags and coffee mugs for those who give money.

How would we save Cannondale? Well, for starters, we have much better swag to give to donors. Old VeloNews back issues? Check. Out-of-date calendars? Check. Doping-era reading material? Double-check.

All that and more on this week’s The VeloNews Show.

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