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VN Show: Hammer time!

Editor’s note: This VeloNews Show includes images from TDW Sport, Velon/Hammer Series, VeloNews.com, Flickr Creative Commons 

Before launching into this week’s episode, we have a special offer from this week’s sponsor, PowerTap, which is giving away a free power meter to the winner of this month’s sweepstakes. Simply click here and register for PowerTap’s newsletter.

On this week’s episode of the VeloNews Show we analyze the innovative Hammer Series, which took place in The Netherlands this past weekend. Team Sky came away with the victory after out sprinting Sunweb in a thrilling (and somewhat dangerous) finale involving time trial bikes and a head butt. Luckily everyone escaped relatively unscathed.

So what do we make of this Hammer Series? Was it a hit or a dud? Could we follow the series’s somewhat complicated rulebook and scoring system? Do we have ambitions of riding in a peloton on time trial bicycles? We analyze all of the important questions, and propose a few ideas for how to improve the fledgeling competition.

All that and more on this week’s The VeloNews Show!

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