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VN Show: Muddy CX Nats, Wiggo on skis

USA Cycling is hosting its cyclocross national championships this week in Hartford, Connecticut, and from what we’ve already seen, it’s going to be a muddy, slippery affair. What’s the best technique for descending a hillside coated in slippery muck: the butt-slide or the yard-sale? We analyze these questions, plus we take a look at the favorites for the men’s and women’s elite races.

Then, January is a time for WorldTour team presentations, which each year flood our inboxes with dozens of wacky photos of cyclists awkwardly posing on stage. Which teams had the best (and worst) presentations this year? We critique a few choice photos.

Finally, our sport’s punk rocker Bradley Wiggins has decided to trade in his bike shoes for… ski boots? Yep, Wiggo is going ski jumping. We discuss whether he will soar like an eagle, or flap around like a tattooed goose. All that and more on this week’s VeloNews Show!

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