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FSA drivetrain: How does it stack up with eTap, Di2, and EPS?

FSA launched its long-awaited electronic drivetrain this week at Eurobike. The K-Force WE electronic system looks to offer many of the same shifting features and capabilities as the three electronic drivetrains currently on the market: Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap, and Campagnolo EPS, with a few minor differences.

K-Force WE stands out most significantly with its partial wireless design. This system sends a wireless signal from the shift levers to the derailleurs to shift up or down, but unlike SRAM’s fully wireless eTap drivetrain, FSA’s front and rear derailleurs are connected by wires to a battery hidden in the bike’s seatpost.

Photo: FSA
Photo: FSA

The K-Force WE system also talks wirelessly to a desktop or smartphone app for easy set-up and customization of the shift patterns and buttons. Campagnolo uses a similar system, the MyCampy app for set-up and data tracking. Shimano has yet to release its promised E-Tube app, and SRAM hasn’t teased any companion app yet. Not only will FSA’s app help with set-up, but it will track and record your front and rear shifts allowing you to analyze your habits, and it will send alerts when the system’s battery needs charging.

Besides these small differences, the K-Force WE drivetrain looks fairly similar to the three other electronic systems. FSA hasn’t released prices yet, but it says K-Force WE will sit somewhere between Dura-Ace Di2 and eTap. Here’s a quick rundown of the different systems and how they compare.

FSA K Force


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