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USA Cycling hacked, account info potentially stolen

USA Cycling has been hacked, and members’ names, mailing addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, and USA Cycling passwords may have been stolen.

USA Cycling does not hold its members’ financial information or social security numbers within its systems. That means that credit card information, bank account information, or medical information could not have been stolen.

The governing body learned of the hack two days ago.

“What we know of the incident is that a hacker gained access to at least some of our databases within the last two weeks. We have been in contact with the authorities, and have employed a leading cyber-security expert to advise us in this matter. We believe we have now secured all our systems and face no further data security risks. We are notifying you as soon as we were able to assess the situation and secure our systems,” USA Cycling said in a statement.

What members should do: USA Cycling will send an email Friday afternoon to all current and former members that will include a password reset link. All passwords should be reset.

Further, if you use your USA Cycling password for other logins, USA Cycling recommends changing those passwords as well.

Members will not be able to log in to USAcycling.org until they use the emailed link to reset their password.

“We deeply regret this incident, and offer our sincere apologies,” USA Cycling said.

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