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Strava data: 115 million rides in 2015

Strava released its End of Year Insights data report Monday, and the numbers are impressive. Worldwide, the ride-tracking service’s users logged 115,788,472 rides in 2015, accruing a total of 2,591,134,087 miles. And those weren’t all easy miles either — riders climbed 133 billion vertical feet last year, according to Strava.

More data highlights from 2015:

– Globally, Strava athletes uploaded 5.3 activities every second
– Over 26 million rides uploaded in the U.S.
– Average speed for U.S. male cyclist is 14.6 mph, female U.S. cyclist is 12.7 mph ­
– Average cycling commuter distance in U.S. is 10.5 miles
– California was the most active state in the U.S., with 7,172,721 rides logged
– Most popular segment in the U.S. in 2015: Sausalito’s “7-11 Bump,” 15,327 attempts

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