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Tim Johnson testing cyclocross suspension fork

By Spencer Powlison • Published
The Lefty fork certainly stands out from the crowd with its single stanchion. It requires a proprietary hub, headset, and stem.

Cannondale rider spotted on Lefty fork

Suspension engineers at Cannondale have been hard at work on a new cyclocross standard — a cyclocross version of Cannondale’s popular Lefty suspension fork. A 26”-wheel Lefty, slimmed down to shorter travel for cyclocross, was spotted at the Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com team trailer on Sunday at the Rapha Super Cross race in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The bike belonged to former cyclocross national champion Tim Johnson. Johnson’s fork started its life as a 26” Lefty XLR cross-country fork, but had its travel tweaked to be much shorter than the Lefty’s XLR’s 100mm of travel. Sources estimated that it was reduced to 35mm of travel.

Johnson’s bike also had a RockShox PopLoc remote lockout, just like those found on Cannondale mountain bikes. The remote was mounted to the right of the proprietary Cannondale stem. Meaning Johnson would only be able to lock out and open the fork while his hands were on the top, an ideal spot for setting up before an overly bumpy section of course, or for bunny-hopping barriers.

Cannondale marketing manager, Bill Ruddell said, “The team must be doing some special product testing,” seemingly unaware that Johnson was testing a Lefty fork.

Johnson would not confirm any of the particulars on the new fork, only saying, “I’ll tell you one thing, you have to ride this thing.”

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