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Ian Crane evacuated from Pro Challenge after traumatic crash

Jamis-Hagens Berman’s Ian Crane crashed into the rear windshield of a team car in the USA Pro Challenge caravan Sunday.

The 24-year-old was immediately airlifted to a Denver hospital.

The crash occurred on a wide-open stretch of road, before the race reached Golden and climbed Lookout Mountain. After the race, several riders, including Tom Danielson noted the crosswinds on that section.

Team director Ed Beamon said, “Around the 30-kilometer mark, there was a small crash, and Ian was involved on it. On his way back to the peloton, we realized that his bike was damaged, so we stopped and did a bike change.

“He had been in the caravan a bit longer than normal, and we were hitting some pretty windy sections, and as we were coming back through the caravan there was a stoppage, and either he didn’t react to it quick enough, or … I don’t know exactly how it happened. He went through the back windshield of one of the other team cars. So it was a pretty violent crash. … I believe that that vehicle and several vehicles forward had came to a complete stop, very abruptly.”

Fortunately, Beamon characterized Crane’s condition as stable, adding, “The doctors feel that there’s no life-threatening situation but it’s gonna be a good 24 hours to evaluate him.”

Crane, a first-year professional from Seattle, made his way to the Jamis-Hagens Berman team through the Hagens Berman development team based in the Northwest.

Beamon characterized him as “dedicated,” and the director said, “Sebastian [Alexandre, Beamon’s co-director] kind of designated him as our guy today. So he’s got a fairly good sprint.”

When asked about the dangers of the caravan, Beamon said, “Given the hectic nature, and just, you know, the volume of vehicles, and the multitude of things that can go wrong, surprisingly few [crashes happen].

“But, you know, it is a crazy environment back there, and each driver has two eyes, not 20 like he needs, and each rider is always motivated to get back to the bunch. … It’s always a treacherous environment, but it’s remarkable how few crashes there are.

“We will be optimistic that he will make a full recovery,” Beamon said. “That’s our nature. Everything we’ve gotten from our doctors has been positive.”

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