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Trek Factory Racing partners with PeopleForBikes

Trek Factory Racing announced their Tour de France team roster today, but they also announced a new partnership with PeopleForBikes, a not-for-profit advocacy group based in the U.S.

PeopleForBikes aims to unite one million bicyclists by the end of 2014, and with a spot on Trek Factory Racing’s kit and active involvement at the Tour de France, the organization might be able to achieve that goal — currently they claim to have united 810,000 supporters to date.

“I am really excited that PeopleForBikes is going to be a part of the team moving forward,” said Trek Factory Racing Team Director Luca Guercilena. “Ensuring everyone has a safe place to ride is so important to the development and future of our sport and I’m very proud to support that effort.”

Since 2011, PeopleForBikes has awarded more than $10 million in grants and secured funding to build more than 29,000 U.S. bike lanes, paths, and trails.

“While the challenges and opportunities for bicycling vary around the globe, the benefits are universal,” said President of PeopleForBikes Tim Blumenthal. “A strong, united group of people for bikes can effectively influence government policies and spending, and help assure bike riding conditions that are safer and better for everyone. We are honored that Trek and Trek Factory Racing are supporting us big-time as we embark on this new chapter of our mission.”

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