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Armstrong ordered to testify under oath in SCA lawsuit

The Associated Press reported Monday that disgraced Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong has been ordered to testify, under oath, about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, as part of a lawsuit filed by Texas-based SCA Promotions.

SCA is seeking the return of about $12 million in performance bonuses.

AP reports that an arbitration panel has issued subpoenas for testimony from Armstrong on June 12, and his longtime business manager, Bill Stapleton, on June 9.

Armstrong’s attorneys have asked the Texas Supreme Court to intervene, claiming that a previous settlement with SCA Promotions is binding and cannot be reopened.

In March, an appeals court in Texas put a temporary halt to the arbitration panel.

Armstrong’s confession to Oprah Winfrey in January 2013 proved that he gave false testimony during an arbitration hearing that ended in 2006, in which SCA paid Armstrong $5 million in bonuses, plus legal fees.

Immediately following Armstrong’s confession, SCA’s attorney Jeff Tillitson said, “When he sends an apology, he needs to include a check for the money. He did do some good things but on the other hand it certainly doesn’t absolve him of having to face the music with people like us.”

Armstrong provided written sworn testimony last year in an unrelated lawsuit, and for the first time provided names of those he says assisted in his doping.

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