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Race Face purchases Easton Cycling

Components maker Race Face has acquired Easton Cycling from BRG Sports, the latter announced on Monday.

A press release sent out last week announced that the cooperative known as Easton-Bell Sports would be renamed BRG Sports (Bell, Riddell, and Giro), and today we saw why, as BRG sold the Easton brand to Chris Tutton, president of Race Face Performance Products Ltd.

The sale of Easton Cycling comes on the heels of BRG’s sale of Easton Baseball/Softball and ahead of the expected sale of Easton Hockey. Riddell is currently involved in litigation with former NFL football players over its helmets’ roles in head injuries.

We expect that Easton Cycling development and testing will remain in Scott’s Valley, California, where BRG is based, but the Easton Cycling marketing teams are likely to be based out of the Race Face offices in British Columbia, Canada. However, no current Easton marketing employees will be moving to Canada.

Easton’s relationship with Giro footwear, as its carbon fiber sole provider, is expected to continue. Two Easton marketing staffers are expected to move in to roles with Giro, back at BRG.

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