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Shimano introduces sport camera with Wifi, ANT+ capabilities

Shimano stepped into the crowded sport camera market on Monday, announcing the new CM-1000 camera, which utilizes WiFi and ANT+ wireless systems to connect to smartphones, ANT+ power meters and heart rate monitors, and Shimano’s new Di2 wireless transmitter.

The camera marks the company’s first move into lifestyle electronics, and it seems to have done its homework. The camera comes equipped with a fast f2.0 lens, 16mp CMOS image sensor, and records in 1080p HD. It has 135˚ and super wide 180˚ lens options built in, and the lens itself can be spun in 90˚ increments, opening up an array of mounting possibilities.

It fits all of this in an impressively small package, too. The CM-1000 is truly pocket sized, smaller than a pack of playing cards, and weighs just 86 grams including the battery and lens cover.

Shimano claims that its waterproofing its top notch, a feature made necessary by the camera’s intended double use in both the cycling and fishing markets.

Connectivity is the hallmark of the latest batch of sports cameras, with most featuring some sort of WiFi or Bluetooth connection. The CM-1000 continues that trend, utilizing a WiFi connection to pair with custom iOS and Android smartphone apps, which allow live viewing, video playback, and remote camera setting adjustments.

The CM-1000 is also compatible with the ANT wireless protocol, so it can connect with the D-Fly wireless Di2 transmitter we spotted a few weeks ago, allowing cycling data — heart rate, gear selection, power, and cadence, for example — to be displayed on captured videos.

The CM-1000’s debut lends some credibility to rumors that the UCI is set to legalize on-bike cameras, perhaps utilizing them to provide on-bike video and precisely the sort of live data, like gear choice and current power, that the CM-1000 is designed to provide.

Shimano’s camera comes stock with two mounts, a helmet mount and an adhesive mount, but handlebar, chest, and headset cap mounts are also available, along with a “flexible mount” that offers further attachment options. It will be available beginning in May 2014 for $300.

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