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In The News: Designer envisions cycling utopia in London

A 137-Mile ‘Cycling Utopia’ Floating Above London’s Rail Lines — Wired.com

British designer Norman Foster is envisioning an elevated cycling system that would stand above the cars, buses, and pedestrians of London, Wired.com reported on Friday. According to Wired, Foster’s SkyCycle would “stretch 137 miles in and around the city, accommodating as many as 12,000 riders per hour on a cycling superhighway 50 feet wide. The dream calls for 200 on- and off-ramps which, according to Foster + Partners’ estimates, means nearly 6 million people will live or work within 10 minutes of an entrance.”

The Foster + Partners design team is raising funds for a feasibility study of the project.

“SkyCycle is a lateral approach to finding space in a congested city,” said Foster. “By using the corridors above the suburban railways, we could create a world-class network of safe, car-free cycle routes that are ideally located for commuters.”

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