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The tool junkie holiday gift guide

Soulrun Wrench Roll

Mechanics like to one-up their fellow wrenches. New tools are a good way to do that, but a surefire way to have your friends peering into your trunk at the next race is a one-off tool roll from Soulrun. Everything from Soulrun is made with care by Laura Papas and Joe McManus in Nederland, Colorado, and every piece is unique.

I recommend my Wrench Roll ($75) to anyone that wants to be self-sufficient. If you are working for friends at the races or want a roll for the shop, chat with Joe and Laura about the Mega Roll or the Roy Roll. The Roy Roll was designed by professional mechanic Matt Roy and is considerably larger, while offering more pockets for better organization. Joe and Laura can also design rolls that hang from carabiners, which work well for cyclocross mechanics wanting to hang their tools in the pit.

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