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The tool junkie holiday gift guide

Pedro’s Apprentice Tool Kit

If you’ve been keeping track of what our total price tag is for everything covered here, well, you’re better at math than I’ll ever be, but I know we’ve run up quite the tab. If the cyclist on your list is lacking tools all together and they’ve been a good girl or boy, the Pedro’s Apprentice Tool Kit is a perfect starting point. Retailing for $285, it comes in a durable plastic case and includes all the tools an aspiring wrench will need.

Even when unfolded, the Apprentice Tool Kit is still about the same size as the Soulrun Wrench Roll. All 22 tools fit nicely into folded EVA foam and can be easily removed. For my fellow OCD wrenches, it is organized and clean looking. Every tool has its place, so you can quickly pick out the tool you need.

Even if your cyclist has everything, this kit would make for a fantastic addition to his or her trunk, for those last minute adjustments before the ride.

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