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Lennard Zinn’s holiday gift guide for 2013

The holiday shopping season officially opens today, on Black Friday. I’ve combed the tradeshow floors for 2013 and think these five gifts are worthy of falling on any cyclist’s list.

Bushnell PowerSync SolarWrap Mini

The $90 PowerSync SolarWrap Mini portable charger is a 90-gram (3 oz.) flexible, 18-inch-long roll-out solar panel attached to a 4-1/4×1-1/4-inch cylinder housing a lithium-ion battery and battery-level indicator LED. 10 hours in the sun will fully charge its battery. Alternatively, to already have full power available as soon as you go off of the grid, rain or shine, you can charge the battery via its Micro-USB input port from a USB cord connected to a computer, wall outlet, or cigarette lighter.

Through its USB output port, it recharges mobile devices at the same speed as a wall outlet. The 1000mAh (milliampere-hour) battery holds enough charge to fully recharge a smart phone once, an iPod twice, and a camera battery 2.5 times; it powers my Garmin many times on a charge. The thin-film solar technology not only makes it rollable or foldable, but it also can be torn or otherwise damaged in sections, and the undamaged portion will continue to produce a charge from the sun, even without full sun available.

Attach it to a backpack, tent, or tree or lay it out in the sun to charge.

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