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Reviewed: Eight top-tier vests to take you through fall

Twin Six BKB Wind Vest

Pros: Inexpensive, simple design
Cons: Comes in any color you want, so long as it’s pink; pockets serve little purpose
Retail: $60

The first thing about the Twin Six BKB Wind Vest that grabbed our attention was the color. It’s pink. Extremely pink. Then we noticed the logos and “Bareknuckle Brigade” printed on the chest and across the pockets. Aside from the color and the sublimation, there isn’t anything aesthetic about the Twin Six vest that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The BKB wind vest is a simple design; one like most riders would get printed up in their club livery. There’s a reason so many clothing companies offer a piece nearly identical to this: it works, and at $60, it’s worth it. The mesh back is breathable, the front is wind resistant, and the fit is comfortable.

The zipper sports dueling pulls so when the vest is zipped up, the rider can still open the bottom zipper to access jersey pockets. Of course, if you prefer to stuff the pockets of the vest itself, the BKB vest has three rear pockets; however, we didn’t find that they felt as secure as our jersey pockets. The zipper bunched up more than some of the other models here — a case of cheaper vest, cheaper zipper.

The Bareknuckle Brigade is a society formed by the Lalonde brothers, Jesse and Marko, back in 2005. Jesse, now a graphic designer at Twin Six, offers his “anti-team” clothing to the general public now, albeit in very limited numbers. The BKB vest, like many Twin Six products, is made in the USA.

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