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Reviewed: Eight top-tier vests to take you through fall

You need a good vest. You really do.

Why? Because as the mercury drops, keeping your core warm, but not sweaty, is the key to staying comfortable. Multiple layers are the best option, allowing you to fine-tune your clothing to changing conditions in real time, as you ride along, rather than simply putting on a big jacket at home and hoping for the best.

Vests are among the most versatile items of clothing in a cyclist’s wardrobe, extending the comfortable temperature range of a given kit by 10-30 degrees, depending on the design. But there is incredible diversity in the world of modern cycling vests, and so determining the actual scenarios in which you’re likely to use one is by far the most important factor in any buying decision.

We spent hundreds of road and mountain miles determining exactly how eight of the best vests on the market, ranging from $60 to $320, fit into a variety of ride types and weather conditions, so you don’t have to do the experimenting yourself. Read on to find your sleeveless soul mate.

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