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The Clothesline: Six women’s summer kits put to the test

Road Holland Aalsmeer jersey and Breda bibshort

The lowdown: Casual, retro-style kit, mediocre fit
Pros: Appealing jersey design; soft fabric
Cons: Loud branding; bib strap placement not ideal
Total price: $225
Jersey price: $105
Bibshorts price: $120

The Road Holland kit is a nice all-rounder, and at $225, it’s a reasonable buy-in for a comfortable, stylish kit that can tackle the summer heat. The fabric quality didn’t stack up to some of the other brands tested, but for the price, it’s a good value. It’s also worth mentioning that Road Holland’s products are made in the USA, a rarity in the cycling apparel industry.

The Aalsmeer Jersey is a great top for the casual Sunday ride. The white stripes on the armbands give it a retro, old school look. Don’t let the 100-percent polyester fabric scare you away; it’s quite soft to the touch. The wicking quality is probably where it suffers the most — as temperature (and perspiration) increases, it can get a bit swampy inside. The pocket system is a great feature on this jersey with three fully functional, deep pockets, as well as two exterior zipper pockets for carrying along your cash and house key. The Aalsmeer jersey is available in seven sizes, from XS to XXXL, and in three colors: Nantucket red (pictured), bright white, and road black. Also noteworthy, the Road Holland jersey was the only one that fit true to size, and didn’t require sizing up, likely due to the brand’s American roots.

Road Holland is new to shorts construction. The Breda bibshort is their first attempt, and they still have some work to do. The bib strap configuration is not ideal for the female anatomy, cutting straight down the middle of the torso. Strap removal requires removing the jersey first, which was a hassle at times, mid-ride. The overall look and feel of the Breda bib is so-so, however, the branding was a bit loud, with two large graphics — one on each leg. The chamois is the best element in this bib; it’s soft, perfect in size and, as Road Holland claims, its Open Cell technology prevents compression for those long days in the saddle.


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