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Strava adds real time segment updates to mobile app

ANNECY, France (VN) — A new update to Strava’s mobile applications will allow users to track their performances over specific sections of road or trail in real time.

Those specific sections of a ride, or “segments” in Strava parlance, are the heart of the online tool. Users upload GPS data from rides and can instantly compare their times to other Strava users, with the fastest time on a given segment earning the King or Queen of the Mountain title.

The ability to compare one’s own performance to the rest of the Strava community in real time, to find out if a KOM or personal record has been achieved while still out on the road, has been “one of the most requested features” since Strava’s inception, according to the California-based social fitness site.

The new real time service will only be available with a Premium membership, which costs $60 a year, and only works within the service’s own iOS and Android apps.

Strava also announced the ability to track and send updates to followers via its Android mobile app, coming soon to iOS as well, allowing users to see which followers are out riding or running and share real-time segment updates. Members have to opt into this feature.

The mobile app updates will provide audio support on popular segments, allowing users to listen to performance updates during a segment effort.

“Bringing segment times to athletes in real time is huge,” Alex Mather, head of product at Strava, said in a press release. “It’s incredibly rewarding to put out a hard effort and instantly see where the effort stacked up — no more waiting until the activity is finished to see the results.”

The updated app is currently available for Android, and the iOS version is expected to hit the Apple Store on Monday afternoon.

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