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Spotted: Garmin-Sharp riding smaller version of Mavic CXR80 wheelset

NAPLES, Italy (VN) — Mavic’s deep CXR80 wheelset now has a smaller sibling, a 60mm-rim version using similar technology designed to target the mid-depth carbon tubular market.

About half of the Garmin-Sharp squad, including defending champion Ryder Hesjedal, rolled through Naples and up to the first start line of this year’s Giro d’Italia on the new wheels, called the CXR60, according to a team mechanic.

For its first public showing, well before any official unveiling, the wheels featured stickers with “Cosmic Carbone 60” section blacked out with a Sharpie.

Mavic representative Zack Vestal could not provide any official information on the wheels.

“I can’t say precisely when a 60mm version would be released, but I expect within the calendar year,” he told VeloNews. “There are always a number of shapes, sizes, and prototypes in testing and the pro peloton is the proving ground.”

The CXR60 appears to incorporate many of the same features as Mavic’s deep, TT- or flat-stage-specific CXR80, debuted under the Garmin team last summer, except, obviously, that they have been sized down to a 60mm deep rim.

The hubs appear to be identical to those used on the CXR80, using a narrow carbon shell and large, aerodynamically tuned flanges. The front wheel uses 16 radially laced and bladed steel spokes, and the rear has 20 of the same, which attach to the rim with traditional spoke nipples.

The rims themselves are wide at the brake track and taper down to a narrower section at the spoke bed. That shape is similar to the CXR80, and bucks the Zipp/Hed/Enve trend towards ultra-wide inner edges, a design feature that is intended to provide additional stability in crosswinds.

The new rims do not appear to feature the CX1 blade system, the rubber strips designed to smooth airflow from tire to rim, which were quickly banned by the UCI following their initial introduction.

The slots found near the brake track on the CXR80, which hold in the CX1 blades, are not present on the CXR60.

However, Vestal hinted that the blades may show up on a final production version.

“The CX 01 technology, including wheel shape, blade, and tire, are suited to a number of wheel depths and tire fitments,” he said.


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