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Spotted: New Scott frames at 2013 Tour of Flanders

OUDENAARDE, Belgium (VN) — The Orica-GreenEdge and IAM Cycling teams rolled into Brugge on Sunday with brand-new Scott frames, tackling the Ronde van Vlaanderen on what appears to be the latest iteration of the company’s celebrated Addict model.

The new frames have not yet hit the UCI’s approved-frames list, but did have UCI approval stickers that indicated the Addict model name. Scott marketing manager Adrian Montgomery could not provide additional information at this time, and in fact team officials threw VeloNews.com out of the team’s paddock halfway through shooting the new bike.

But visual cues (and a bit of common sense, given its debut race) point to a more comfortable version of the aero Foil, an all-rounder along the lines of the old Addict.

The Addict was Scott’s thoroughbred race frame prior to the Foil, aiming at high stiffness and low weight. The Foil added aerodynamics to the mix, but made sacrifices in comfort. A new Addict would likely focus on the old values of low weight and high stiffness, as well as providing a more comfortable ride than the hyper-stiff Foil.

The down and seat stays appear to have been downsized but retain similar Kamm-tail shapes to Foil, while the seat tube has been rounded. A thick bottom bracket area and large chain stays point to a continued focus on stiffness — it seems unlikely that this frame will be aimed at the endurance road market, as some frames first spotted at the classics are.

Keep an eye out for more as we get it.



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