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UCI strengthens No Needle Policy for inflammation treatment

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) on Monday announced a change to its No Needle Policy to tighten regulations regarding glucocorticosteroid use.

At its meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, on February 2, the UCI Management Committee approved the change, which forbids riders from competing within eight days of a local injection of glucocorticosteroid. Previous regulations prohibited riders from competing for 48 hours following the injection, effectively banning the technique during stage races.

“I requested the UCI Medical Commission to consider an extension of this period,” said UCI president Pat McQuaid. “A rider who raced at the weekend could receive an injection of glucocorticosteroids and be racing again in a mid-week competition. Glucocorticosteroids are used to treat inflammations, so a rider requiring this treatment should not be racing within eight days. He or she should be attending his/her condition and resting.”

The Management Committee also approved a modification erasing the requirement for athletes to report vaccination injections.

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